Individual Membership

At the Academy of International Business, we strive to enhance business education and practice through fostering and improving upon our professional standards.  Join the ranks of elite scholars in the field and take part in the global exchange for information and ideas that will shape the international business community.

$100 USD
Get access to the print editions
of JIBS and the new JIBP journal,
Annual Meeting registration, and
the AIB Member Directory.

Become a Member

Special Member Types


$50 USD
$50 USD
Low Income
$50 USD 
$25 USD
Students receive
full member benefits
and voting rights.
Proof of full-time
status is required.


Retired individuals without
full-time employment and
must be at least 68 years
of age and be a member
of AIB for the preceding
10 years.* 

Individuals with a gross
annual income of less
than $25,000.

Web access to low income
individuals from low-income
.** Web-only access
to JIBS and AIB publications.

*Email to see if you qualify.
**The electronic membership only applies to those economies that are identified as “low-income” via the World Bank.





  • Access to the online AIB Membership Directory, to keep you in touch with your fellow colleagues around the world.
  • Access to AIB-L electronic mailing list, which includes the latest announcements, calls for papers, and discussions.
  • Numerous opportunities to present and publish your research, and network with colleagues in the field.


  • Print subscription and completely online access to the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS).
  • Online access to the Asian Business & Management (ABM) journal.
  • Print subscription to the AIB Newsletter and AIB Insights.

Exclusive Events

  • Attend the AIB Annual Conference in different international locations each year
  • Attend local AIB Chapter Conferences.
  • Access to the AIB Career Center, allowing you to follow available positions in the field, and post your resume for potential employers.