Special Interest Conferences

Looking to collaborate with AIB's junior scholars and senior fellows on an emerging topic in international business research? Trying to attract more members to your next regional chapter meeting? AIB is now accepting proposals for a new series of special interest conferences.

More intimate in scale and refined in scope, these conferences are an ideal opportunity to bring together likeminded colleagues in your region and map out new areas for scholarly development. 

Form Your Committee

Any group of dedicated AIB members is welcome to submit a special interest conference proposal. Successful organizing committees will be prepared to plan a 150+ person event and will typically include senior scholars, such as former AIB Board members or current AIB Fellows.

Create Your Proposal

Your special interest conference proposal can contain as much detail as you are prepared to provide, though at minimum it should include:
  • members of the organizing committee
  • conference theme
  • call for papers
  • location
  • timeline
  • program highlights
  • preliminary budget
  • potential sponsorships

Submit For Review

Proposals should be addressed to the AIB President and submitted to the Secretariat at aib@aib.world.

Each proposal will be evaluated during that year's next AIB Board Meeting. These are typically held twice annually at the end of January and end of June. Proposals submitted less than two weeks before a board meeting may not be reviewed until the following session.