Course Content

The Course Content section is one of four subsections of Resources on the AIB website. Collectively, these sections provide international business-focused resources that cater to the needs of teachers, researchers, students, and professionals interested in academic research. The Course Content section is specifically focused on the four topics of Textbook Publishers, Video Depositories, Case Depositories, and Exercises/Simulations. The Course Content section is Powered by globalEDGE.

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The Course Content section features four subcategories:

Textbook Publishers

This section provides information about publishers that specialize in providing textbooks for higher education courses. Only publishers that feature books with significant international emphasis are eligible for inclusion.

Video Depositories

This section provides information about websites that feature video or multimedia content with an international focus. Two kinds of sites can be found in this section: companies that distribute videos in physical format (VHS, DVD or CD-ROM) and companies that provide streaming audio/video content through their websites.

Case Depositories

This section provides information about publishers or depositories of cases. Some of the sites may only list cases published by that institution, while others act as clearinghouses and feature cases from a wide variety of sources.

Exercises & Simulations

This section provides information about interactive exercises, games and simulations created to enrich the classroom experience. Each listing is also accompanied by the format of the exercise or simulation; software, web-based, role-playing, or other. The exercise needs to have a substantial international component to qualify for inclusion. The listings are sorted alphabetically by publishing company.