Meet Our IB Innovators

The AIB Fellows are a select group of distinguished scholars who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to both our association and the international business field as a whole. In addition to selecting individuals to be honored with AIB’s prestigious annual awards, these accomplished researchers are tasked with leading special task forces and developing cutting-edge content for our global conference series.

Officers of the AIB Fellows (2020-2023)

Dean of the Fellows

Lorraine Eden
Texas A&M (Emerita)


Secretary/Treasurer of the Fellows

Lilac Nachum
Baruch College


Deputy Dean of the Fellows

Ravi Ramamurti
Northeastern University


Active AIB Fellows

Deceased Fellows

In this section, friends and colleagues share their memories about our deceased Fellows’ foundational role in the International Business field, their professional accomplishments, as well as their personal contributions to the Academy of International Business.

Honorary Fellows

Executives of the Year

Get a Historical Perspective

Explore our historical records for information on the AIB Fellows, including photos from their annual gatherings and a historical account of how this prestigious group was first established.