Carl FeyAffiliation: BI Norwegian Business School

Bio: Carl F. Fey is a Professor of Strategy at BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo, Norway.  From 2016-2022 he was a Professor of International Business at Aalto University School of Business in Helsinki, Finland where he was director of the school’s PhD program in international business which has about 15 students.  From 2011-2015 he was Dean of Nottingham University Business School China (NUBS China) which he led to have 2500 students and a faculty of 90 from 28 countries (55 of whom were hired during his deanship).  The profile of NUBS China increased significantly during Professor Fey’s tenure as Dean helped by developing a focus around the three Is of International, Innovative, and Interactive and a big move to facilitate faculty development and interactive teaching which resulted in improved teaching evaluations and research output in top journals.  Fey also led NUBS China to have an innovative start of executive education which focused not only on teaching content well but also on teaching in ways that learnings could be readily implemented by client firms and helped the school to make its undergraduate and masters offerings more attractive and develop its PhD program.  Prior to joining NUBS China, Fey was a Professor at Stockholm School of Economics where he helped Stockholm School of Economics to start and develop a branch campus in St. Petersburg, Russia where he was associate dean and which became one of the two leading business schools for EMBA and executive education, which it focused on, in Russia.

Most of Fey’s research and teaching explores how cultural and institutional differences affect which management practices work best in different countries with a special focus on innovation, knowledge transfer, self-management, internationalization, organizational culture, strategic HRM, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership.  He has a special interest in understanding what works in China and other large transforming economies, and he has published over 65 articles in leading academic journals.  Fey is an experienced executive educator and consultant who has worked with many leading companies, and who strives to have his research have practical impact and thus is regularly in the popular press having had over 100 appearances in the 2021-22 academic year (including re-publishing).  Fey is a fellow of the Academy of International Business and the recipient of the 2013 Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) Decade Award which is an award given for the article published one decade ago in JIBS which has had the largest influence on the field of international business.  Fey also received the JIBS Silver Medal in 2019 for the most publications in the journal over the past 50 years. Fey was also named a Qianjiang Scholar (钱江学者) in 2013 which is the highest distinguished professor award for any subject area in Zhejiang Province. From 2016-2021 he was Deputy Editor of the journal Management and Organization Review.  He is a member of the Academy of Management International Management Division’s teaching committee which he was chair of from 2019-2022.

Last Updated: June 2023