Eduardo del RiegoBio: As CEO of PayCargo, a logistics payment platform, Mr. del Riego has helped transform the company into a global Fintech powerhouse. Based in Miami, PayCargo has a network of payers and vendors featuring top companies in the industry, including Kuehne + Nagel, FedEx, and DHL. His team has also built partnerships with trade associations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) in order to create a more efficient payment settlement system.

Since starting his career in vessel operations at Crowley Maritime more than 35 years ago, Mr. del Riego has established himself as a serial entrepreneur in the logistics industry with a focus on digital technology development. He has used his expertise in enhancing logistics technology to establish three companies worth more than $100 million, including The DiGregorio Group and Active Freight & Logistics.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. del Riego is known throughout Miami’s business community for his dedication to public service. He currently serves as a board member for the Beauty of Sight Foundation, a local organization that helps to fund research into curing blindness and preventing vision loss. He is also an advisor to the board for Cinco Palabras, an NGO that provides funding for charities promoting literacy and women’s rights through music and arts projects.

Eduardo del Riego is an Honorary Fellow of the Academy of International Business as the recipient of the 2021 AIB Fellows International Executive of the Year Award.

Last Updated: August 2021