Stephen KobrinAffiliation: University of Pennsylvania (Emeritus)

Bio: Stephen J. Kobrin is William H. Wurster Professor Emeritus of Multinational Management at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania where he was Director of the Lauder Institute and Chair of the Management Department.  His research interests are global integration, the impact of the rise of nationalism on the MNC, and the politics of international business.  He taught courses in multinational management and international political-economy.

Steve Kobrin has been an active member of the Academy of International Business since 1973 and a Fellow of the AIB since 1989.  He served as Vice-President (Program Chair for the Boston Meeting), Chair of the North-East region, and President of the AIB.  He has served on the editorial boards of The Journal of International Business Studies, The Academy of Management Review, International Organization, and the International Political Economy Yearbook.  He was book review editor of JIBS.   He was a Fellow of the World Economic Forum.

He has a Ph.D. in International Business from the University of Michigan, and MBA from Wharton, and a B.Mgt. E. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  Steve Kobrin worked for Procter and Gamble as a Brand Manager in the United States and Venezuela and has taught at MITs Sloan School and the Graduate School of Business at NYU.  His current research deals with the reaction to globalization and the impact of the rise of nationalism on the international economy on the MNC.  Recent publications include “Bricks and Mortar in a Borderless World: Globalization, the Backlash, and the Multinational Enterprise” (Global Strategy Journal, 2017), “How Globalization Became a Thing That Goes Bump in the Night.”  (Journal of International Business Policy, 2020), and Is a Networked World Economy Sustainable? In A. Verbeke, R.V. Tulder, E.L. Rose, and Y. Wei (Eds.), The Multiple Dimensions of Institutional Complexity (Progress in International Business Research, Vol. 15).

Last Updated: October 2021