Susanna EastonBio: Mrs. Easton serves as senior administrator for two programs in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Postsecondary Education: the Centers for International Business Education (CIBE’s), and the Technology Innovation for Foreign Information Access (TICFIA) Program.

Mrs. Easton directs and manages 15 million dollars in federal program funds. The CIBE program is designed to promote education, research, and training that will contribute to the ability of United States business to prosper in an international economy. The TICFIA program provides funding for institutions of higher education to access foreign sources of information critical to the U.S. national interests and makes this information available through web-sites or other technological resources to U.S. scholars.

Mrs. Easton has spent most of her career in the Federal government. Her professional experience has included oversight responsibility for many of the other Title VI International Education and Higher Education Programs administered by the U.S. Department of Education.

Mrs. Easton attended Columbia University for her graduate and post-graduate education. She has published on issues of concern to higher education audiences and on matters concerning international economic competitiveness for the U.S. business community.   Mrs. Easton frequently represents the U.S. Department of Education at national and international conferences and serves as a guest speaker before college and university audiences both in the United States and overseas.

Susanna Easton is an Honorary Fellow of the Academy of International Business as the recipient of the 2009 AIB Fellows International Educator of the Year Award.

Last Updated: July 2009