In fulfillment of our mission to foster the next generation of business scholars, AIB has funded an annual award to recognize excellence among young scholars in the proposal phase of their dissertation research. Candidates for this award are selected from among participants in AIB’s annual Doctoral Consortium.

Selection Process

The winner of the AIB Award for the Best Doctoral Dissertation Proposal is selected from among the participants in the Doctoral Consortium at the AIB Annual Conference. The winner is recognized at the conference award ceremony with a plaque and a scholarship award to assist their dissertation research.

Past Winners


Winner(s): Margaux Maurel
Affiliation: HEC Montréal
Dissertation: Civil Society Resistance in the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative’s Host Developing Countries:
A Qualitative Study


Winner(s): Jukyeong (Judy) Han
Affiliation: University of Kansas
Dissertation: When Should Startups Pursue Rapid Growth?


Winner(s): Jan Schmitt
Affiliation: WU Vienna
Dissertation: Headquarters on the Move: The Phenomenon of Multinational Corporations’ Headquarters Relocating Across Borders


Winner(s): Brian Chindondondo (1); Vera Kunczer (2)
Affiliation: (1) University of Pretoria; (2) WU Vienna
Dissertation: Revisiting Spillovers Through the Lens of Resource Dependence Theory: The Role of Access Relationships in Low Income Countries (1);
Political Dynamics and Anti-foreignism: Multinational Investments Under Political Disorder (2)


Winner(s): Tuuli Hakkarainen
Affiliation: Aalto Business School
Dissertation: Sharing Expertise Across Geographical and Cognitive Boundaries


Winner(s): Min Jung Kim
Affiliation: University of Minnesota
Dissertation: The Temporal Dynamics of Industry Clusters and Firm Innovation


Winner(s): Federica Nieri
Affiliation: University of Pisa
Dissertation: Corporate Social Irresponsibility by Emerging Market Corporations: Unveiling and Theorizing the Causes of their Involvement in Irresponsible Events


Winner(s): Caroline Witte
Affiliation: Erasmus Research Institute for Management (ERIM) & Tinbergen Institute (TI)
Dissertation: Self-interest Fueling Peace? Multinational Enterprises in Politically Violent Regions


Winner(s): Abby Jingzi Zhou
Affiliation: University of Nottingham Ningbo China
Dissertation: Enhancing Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer Between Multinational Corporations and Their Foreign Subsidiaries in Emerging Economies


Winner(s): Jenny Hillemann
Affiliation: Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Dissertation: Regional integration and the death of distance


Winner(s): Michael A. Sartor
Affiliation: Richard Ivey School of Business
Dissertation: Host market corruption and multinational enterprise strategy: Implications for subsidiary survival


Winner(s): Bi-Juan Zhong
Affiliation: Ohio State University
Dissertation: Top Management Team Identification, Knowledge Creation, and International Join Venture Performance: The Role of National Diversity


Winner(s): Matthew Smith
Affiliation: Rutgers University
Dissertation: Doing It Under The Table: Hidden Sales In India’s Manufacturing Sector


Winner(s): Dong Liu
Affiliation: University of Washington at Seattle


Winner(s): Prithwiraj Choudhury
Affiliation: Harvard University
Dissertation: Innovation in Emerging Markets: Role of Individuals within Multinationals, Government Laboratories and Domestic Firms

Winner(s): Luis Dau
Affiliation: University of South Carolina
Dissertation: Profiting from Globalization: Structural Reforms, Firm Internationalization Strategy, and Firm Profitability in Developing Countries

Winner(s): Jeannette Mena
Affiliation: Michigan State University
Dissertation: A Strategic Marketing Examination of Multiple Stakeholders, Satisfaction, and Marketing Performance of Multinational Corporations Embedded in Multi-Entity Supply Chains in the Global Marketplace


Winner(s): Andrea Martinez-Noya
Affiliation: Universidad de Oviedo
Dissertation: R&D Services Outsourcing: Evidence from European and US firms


Winner(s): Gundula Lücke
Affiliation: University of South Carolina
Dissertation: Development of Biculturalism in Cross-Cultural Managers in Multinational Corporations: A Cultural Participation Approach


Winner(s): Raveendra Chittoor
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Management-Calcutta

Winner(s): Ajai Gaur
Affiliation: National University of Singapore


Winner(s): Catherine Thomas
Dissertation: Why do multinationals do different things in different countries? An empirical investigation of the laundry detergent industry in Western Europe