Meet the Leaders of AIB

As AIB’s main governing body, the Executive Board is responsible for setting the overall direction of our association and developing specific policies to achieve that vision. Each member is appointed to the board through a rigorous nomination and election process, as detailed in our organization’s bylaws.

Information on our current board members can be found below. For information on past Executive Board members, please visit the AIB History Project.

Jeremy Clegg
farok contractor

Farok Contractor

Chuck Kwok

Chuck C.Y. Kwok
Immediate Past President

executive board member andrew delios

Andrew Delios
VP Program-Elect

Rebecca Piekkari

Rebecca Piekkari
VP Program  – Past

executive board member dana minbaeva

Dana Minbaeva
VP Administration

Rebecca Reuber

Rebecca Reuber
VP Administration

executive director tunga kiyak

Tunga Kiyak
Executive Director