AIB 2021 Online is almost here! To help ensure your conference runs smoothly, we’ll be sending registrants a series of instructional emails, explaining how to access various functions within our online event platform.

Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming days for these crucial updates. Below is a brief schedule of communications you can expect to see this week.

Tuesday, June 22 – Link to the AIB 2021 Speaker Portal: All chairs and presenters will receive this email. In the Speaker Portal you can update your personal profile, see contact info for other presenters in your session, and upload any handouts you wish your co-presenters and attendees to see, such as an executive summary.

Wednesday, June 23 – Conference Portal Access for Pre-Conference: If you are participating at any of the pre-conference workshops (as a speaker or an attendee), you will receive your personalized login to the conference portal.

Thursday, June 24 – Presentation Upload Portal:  All panelists and competitive session presenters will receive this email. This step allows presenters to take advantage of our slideshow management tool, enabling them to quickly access and control their PowerPoints from a central hub without the added stress of screen-sharing. Presenters must complete this step at least 24 hours before their session start time(s).

Friday, June 25 – Conference Portal Access for All Participants: All attendees who did not participate in our 2021 pre-conference activities will receive their personalized login information on this day.

24 Hours Before Each Session Where You Will Serve as a Chair or Presenter: You will receive a personalized Zoom link to attend each session where you have been assigned to serve as a speaker/panelist/chair. Please add these to your calendar as soon as possible so that you can find them easily when needed. Only chairs/panelists/presenters will receive these Zoom links—all other attendees will be able to access sessions directly through the conference portal.

As an additional resource, detailed walkthroughs for each of these processes, including screenshot demonstrations, will be made available on our conference website by June 23.

If you experience technical difficulties as you attempt to follow the instructions in any of these emails, please contact our Conference Support Team at

The AIB Secretariat