Though we can’t meet in-person this year, we’ve been working to bring a spirit of fun and innovation to AIB 2021 Online. To kick things off, please enjoy this warm welcome from AIB President Jeremy Clegg.


Another fun new feature we’ve added to AIB 2021 is Gamification. Now, participating in our Annual Meeting isn’t just a great way to refine your IB scholarship, it’s a friendly competition that can earn you fabulous prizes!

How Do You Play?

Special gamification codes are hidden throughout our Conference Portalsocial media accounts, and event-related communications. Sometimes they’ll even be announced during our special sessions. Codes should be written in all capital letters and may include some numbers. For example: GAMEEXPLAINED.

gamification code entry field

To earn points, click the “Gamification” option on the Conference Portal menu, type in your code, then click the “Claim Points” button. If you see some confetti and a message saying “ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED”, your code entry was successful. Try it for yourself!

Each code is assigned its own value, from 5 to 25 points. You can track your current score and where you currently stand on the conference leaderboards on the Conference Portal’s Gamification menu.

Happy hunting! For your reference, here’s a quick breakdown of ways you can track down our gamification codes:

  1. Attend Live Exhibitor Sessions
  2. Check out Exhibitor Booths and their downloadable materials
  3. Learn more about our conference Sponsors
  4. Attend chapter/SIG networking socials
  5. Read our upcoming emails and portal announcements
  6. Attend AIB special sessions
  7. Try out some of our new initiatives (non-English Fellows Cafés, Masterclasses, networking groups)
  8. Follow our social media posts
  9. Be on the lookout for some surprises!

What Can You Win?

This year’s game is a race to the finish—when the last session ends on July 1, the 30 participants with the highest overall scores will be able to choose a single reward of their choice from among this year’s prize pool:

  • 1 free registration to Ivey Publishing Case Teaching in an Online Setting Workshop (US$560 value)
  • 5 free conference registrations to AIB 2022 Miami (up to US$495 value)
  • 10 free registrations for any AIB Chapter conference of your choice (up to $350 in value)
  • 10 one-year AIB memberships (up to US$120 value)
  • 10 one-year print subscriptions to AIB journals (up to US$30 value)
  • 10 commemorative, limited-edition t-shirts (to be handed out at AIB 2022 Miami – up to $15 value)

The top scorers will get first pick, so score big if you want to get guaranteed access to your preferred prize. All 30 winners will also get a special name tag ribbon at AIB 2022 to acknowledge their achievement. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Prefer to Run for Fun at AIB 2021?

Online gaming not your style? Getting a bit of exercise is another great way to combat Zoom fatigue and stay connected to your AIB colleagues.

Building on last year’s success, the AIB Running Club is here to help attendees track their daily runs and bike rides—add yours to help them reach their collective goal of 4,000km logged by July 2.

You can join the club and use the Strava app to record your progress or just enter your info into their Google Doc. You can also contribute to their COVID relief fundraising efforts—more info on that is available in their full AIB-L announcement.