The committee to select the AIB International Educator of the Year Award winner has now concluded its search and deliberations and recommended that we honor Professor Frank Bournois, Dean of the China Europe International Business School. Prior to this position, Professor Bournois served as Executive President and Dean of the ESCP Business School — a French business school and grand école founded in Paris with campuses in Paris, Berlin, London, Madrid, Turin, and Warsaw. Under his leadership, ESCP transformed into one of the world’s most international business schools with very deep European roots. Professor Bournois’ brief bio appears below.

We are grateful to the selection committee, chaired by Professor Carl Fey, with professors J.T. Li, Anu Phene, Saeed Samiee, and Grazia Santangelo serving as members. We thank them for their wisdom and time.

This distinguished honor will be conferred on Professor Bournois at the AIB annual international conference in Seoul, South Korea, where he will offer remarks at a special panel. We congratulate Professor Bournois and look forward to welcoming him and celebrating his achievements at the AIB Annual Meeting.


Tamer Cavusgil
Dean of the AIB Fellows

About Frank Bournois

Under his leadership as Executive President and Dean (from 2013 to March 2023), Professor Frank Bournois has led ESCP to become one of the world’s most international business schools with very deep European roots. The school substantially improved its position in the international rankings.

Professor Bournois put in place an audacious European ‘Brand and Size’ strategy:

  • The oldest business in the world (created in Paris in 1819) school expanded to 7 campuses in Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, London, Warsaw (started in 2015), and Dubai (started in 2022).
  • Thanks to a well-established brand, the school started an innovative there-year Bachelor of Science in Management in which students must study each of their three years of study in a different country.

The program is multidisciplinary including ABCDE modules (Arts, Business, Culture, Diplomacy, Engineering). It includes international business-related coursework including courses in strategy and international management, intercultural skills, international relations, European history, international economics, and comparative political systems. In addition, students must study a foreign language as part of the program. It also has compulsory internships and/or social impact projects and/or an apprenticeship. The school uses a similar pedagogical design for its other programs.

In April, 2023 Frank Bournois became Dean of China Europe International Business School with its key campuses in China, Ghana and Switzerland. He fully endorses the school’s ‘China depth and global breath’ slogan. Amongst his early contributions to CEIBS was to strengthen the school’s international modules in providing executive education participants with a more European perspective.

Prof. Bournois holds a Ph.D. in European Business Strategy from the University of Lyon (France), an MBA from Aston University (UK), and a DSc from City University of London (UK). He specializes in corporate governance and the study of how large European firms identify and grow their future international leaders. He is the author or co-author of 20 books, including The Handbook of Top Management Teams (Palgrave, 2010).