AIB Insights publishes a number of special issues on current themes and topics of interest to the international business community. In recent years, we have published regionally-focused issues on regions such as Africa (Vol. 17, Issue 1; Vol. 18, Issue 4), and Central and Eastern Europe (Vol. 18, Issue 1), as well as other special interest topics such as discussions about the field of IB by prominent IB scholars (Vol. 17, Issue 2; Vol. 17, Issue 4), International Trade and Investment Agreements (Vol. 16, Issue 1), Reshoring (Vol. 15, Issue 4), and AIB and Emerging Markets (Vol. 15, Issue 1). We also have an annual AIB Best Dissertation Award special issue series which we have been publishing in each volume’s third issue since Vol. 13 in 2013.

Other themes and topics currently being considered for special issue publications include:

  • Gender Issues in International Business Research
  • Innovative Experiential Learning Exercises in International Business Education
  • Ethical Issues in International Business
  • Best Practices and Business Insights from the Respective Regions of the AIB Chapters

We encourage authors to submit short (around 2500 words), interesting, topical, current, and thought provoking articles related to the aforementioned special issue topics. See AIB Insights Editorial Policy.

We further welcome submissions of proposals for special issues and particularly encourage current topics related to international business research, education, and business practice from the respective regions of AIB’s 18 chapters that are of interest and relevant to the broader international business community of researchers, practitioners, policy makers, and educators. We also encourage special issue proposals on current themes related to international business in emerging markets as well as innovative and thought provoking new international business research ideas and streams, pedagogical methods, and trends in business practice.

For submissions, ideas, and questions, please email