AIB Demonstrates Impact in Policymaking Arena at 2023 World Investment Forum

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UNCTAD’s 8th World Investment Forum was held in Abu Dhabi from October 16-20, 2023. The event brought together 8,000 participants including government officials, international organization representatives, policymakers, investors, sovereign wealth funds managers, key capital markets actors, and academics. Designed to facilitate dialogue and action on the world’s current and emerging investment-development [...]

A Bibliographic Analysis of the Scholarly Writings of John Daniels

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Introduction John Daniels’s publishing career spanned nearly 40 years, with his first publication in 1970 and his last article published in 2008. Fittingly for an IB scholar, both his first and his last journal article were published in the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS). With eight publications, JIBS was Daniels’ [...]

Meet the Inaugural Cohort of the AIB-CIBER Doctoral Academy in International Business

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About Our Students and Educators The first cohort of the AIB-CIBER Doctoral Academy is a truly global group: talented PhD researchers have joined the program from the USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, Italy, Malaysia, and Switzerland and represent Cardiff University, Georgia State University, Liberty University, Michigan State University, Temple University, Texas [...]

Apply Now for AIB’s Emerging Scholars From Emerging Markets Program

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Who is This Program For? The Emerging Scholars from Emerging Markets Program (ESEMP) is facilitated by the leadership of AIB's Emerging Markets Shared Interest Group and made possible through the generous support of the Center for Emerging Markets at Northeastern University.                     [...]

A Bibliographic Analysis of the Scholarly Writings of Jose de la Torre

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Introduction Jose de la Torre’s publishing career spanned more than 50 years, with his first publication in 1970 and his last article published posthumously in 2023. Fittingly for an IB scholar, his first journal article was published in the just established Journal of International Business Studies (1971), whilst his last articles [...]

Get Involved with AIB’s New Digitalization Shared Interest Group

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Dear AIB Colleagues, I am excited to inform you about the newest Shared Interest Group (SIG) to be established within the Academy of International Business: the Digitalization SIG (DIG-SIG). Why We Need this SIG: Digitalization is changing the nature of international business. Digital technologies are creating asset-light internationalization strategy, making platforms [...]

How Does Membership in a Global IB Community Strengthen us as Scholars and Individuals?: A Statement from AIB President Peter Liesch

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Dear AIB Members, We often hear that international business has not before been as important to our world as it is now, to our economies and to our wellbeing in those economies.  It is likely that each successive generation of IB scholars observes the ever-growing importance of international business with the [...]

Congratulations to our AIB 2023 Warsaw Award Winners and Nominees!

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AIB 2023 Warsaw may be over, but there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate. Our members have continued to innovate in the field of IB research and, as always, we want to recognize their exceptional scholarship. All of our 2023 award nominees are a credit, both to our association and [...]

Welcome to AIB 2023: A Letter from AIB President Maria Tereza Fleury

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,   Welcome to Warsaw, to our 2023 AIB Conference.   The theme for this year's conference proposed by our Program Chair, Kaz Asakawa: "International Business Resilience under Global Disruption," summarizes the global scenario we all live in. Topics include resilience to develop or maintain a new world [...]

Welcome to AIB 2023: A Letter From Program Chair Kaz Asakawa

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Dear Colleagues,   A warm welcome to Warsaw and the 65th annual meeting of the Academy of International Business. And welcome to our in-person meeting in Warsaw, one of the major cultural, political, and economic hubs in Europe! Poland, which has been exposed to many geopolitical and socioeconomic changes over the [...]