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As an AIB member, you’re automatically matched up with one of our seventeen global chapters. Not only are chapter events convenient, they’re a great place to develop new work and explore special topics.

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Chair: Sergio Garcia-Agreda Ballivian
Affiliation: Universidad Privada Boliviana
Chair: Anthony Goerzen
Affiliation: Queen’s University
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Chair: Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez
Affiliation: Universidad EAFIT
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Chair: Etienne Musonera
Affiliation: Mercer University
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Chair: Margaret Goralski
Affiliation: Quinnipiac University
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Chair: Jeffrey Kappen
Affiliation: Drake University
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Chair: Gary Knight
Affiliation: Willamette University
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Chair: Changqi Wu
Affiliation: Peking University
Chair: S. Raghunath
Affiliation: Indian Institute of Management
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Chair: Jusuke Ikegami
Affiliation: Waseda University
Chair: Jaeyong Song
Affiliation: Seoul National University
Chair: Sara McGaughey
Affiliation: Griffith University
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Chair: Geng Cui
Affiliation: Lingnan University
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Chair: Lukasz Puslecki
Affiliation: Poznan University of Economics
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Chair: Pavlos Dimitratos
Affiliation: University of Glasgow
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Chair: Fabian Froese
Affiliation: University of Göttingen
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Chair: Yaw Debrah
Affiliation: Swansea University
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Chair: Immanuel Azaad Moonesar
Affiliation: MBR School of Government
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