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AIB-L is the official electronic mailing list of the Academy of International Business—an ideal platform for sharing professional announcements, calls for papers, and more . It has over 7500 subscribers, including current and past AIB members, as well as other members of the international business community.

With the exception of job postings, an active AIB membership is required in order to submit an announcement to our Listserv.  Anyone, however, may subscribe to receive updates from AIB-L.

You can manage your subscription by visiting the MSU Listserv Commands page. This page also gives you the option to switch to vacation mode, temporarily disabling AIB-L notifications, or to receive a daily digest version of AIB-L announcements instead of individual emails.

Acceptable postings include: Announcements about AIB, its activities, chapters, and members; calls for papers, position announcements, requests for research and publishing collaborations, new book and article announcements, as well as other general international business posts. All posts must demonstrate a clear relevance to our members who are currently engaging in IB research and/or education.

Unacceptable postings include: Messages written in a language other than English, attachments over 400k in size, requests for survey participation, press releases, sales pitches, repeated promotions of the same publication, and individual announcements for non-AIB events taking place within a larger conference, including PDWs, consortia, or calls for papers to specific conference tracks. We reserve the right to reject all posts submitted by individuals without a current AIB membership with the exception of job announcements.

Yes. In order to limit redundant postings and prevent our subscribers’ inboxes from overflowing, individual users can only submit two announcements every 30 days to AIB-L. Users with multiple announcements to make are encouraged to combine them into a single message in order to avoid exceeding this limit.

To submit an announcement for distribution on AIB-L, email it to aib-l@list.msu.edu. Please write your message and subject line exactly as you would like it to appear to our subscribers—although AIB-L is a moderated list, edits can’t be made to your announcement once it is submitted.

If your message was successfully submitted, you will receive an email containing a confirmation link. You must click this link in order to complete the posting process.

All messages posted to AIB-L since January 2011 are accessible on our public online archiveYou can browse the archive by month, or search the list by sender, subject line, keyword, or date.

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