By Rosalie Tung

Through the dedication and hard work of my predecessors, Denis Arnold, Lorraine Eden and others, AIB has developed and implemented a Code of Ethics that governs all members of the Association.  To this end, the AIB Executive Board has established two Committees: the Ethics Policy Committee and the Ethics Review Committee.  The current members of the Ethics Policy Committee, in alphabetical order, are:  Lorraine Eden, Anne-Wil Harzing, Karen Paul, Anne Tsui, Rosalie Tung (chair), and Alain Verbeke.

The EPC establishes the policies and guidelines pertaining to the codes of ethics that govern the AIB membership, the AIB leadership, and the journals of AIB. The EPC shall, from time to time, review and update these policies and guidelines in accordance with developments in the profession and the association. In addition, the EPC will be responsible for communicating and disseminating best practices pertaining to ethical issues that may arise in our profession and association.

The EPC will run workshops at the annual meetings and the chapter meetings (where requested); develop material for use in these workshops; and write periodic columns in the AIB newsletters and/or blogs in the AIB ethics website on matters pertaining to ethical considerations in our association and profession.

The ethics page that contain the 4 sets of codes (members & staff, leadership, journal, and AIB Insights) can be found on our Ethics @ AIB homepage, along with a catalogue of recommended ethics-related resources.

Ethical considerations and principles should perfuse all aspects of AIB’s undertakings and activities of our members, leaders, and journals that are congruent with the Association’s initiatives, such as that of Diversity and Inclusion.

Anne-Wil Harzing has written a very useful guide on how to establish, update and clean one’s Google Scholar profile.  Thanks, Anne-Wil.

If you have suggestions on future columns and resources for inclusion on our ethics page, please contact me.

Here’s to a safe and successful 2021.

Rosalie L. Tung
Chair, Ethics Policy Committee