AIB 2020 Business Meeting

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Time: August 20, 11am New York, 3pm GMT, 5pm Berlin, 11pm Hong Kong (View Local Time)

Registration Deadline: August 18, 2020

Requirements: All participants must have an AIB membership valid through August 20, 2020to participate in the meeting. If your AIB membership expires before that date, please visit our membership renewal page, before you RSVP for the meeting.

Overview: AIB’s Annual Business Meeting provides members with a variety of information about the association’s performance over the past year. It includes reports on membership demographics, financials, the performance of AIB-published journals, the following year’s Annual Meeting, and the Executive Board. Members will also have an opportunity to ask questions on the information provided during an open floor session.


  1. Opening Remarks
  2. Membership and Financial Reports
  3. JIBS Report
  4. JIBP Report
  5. AIB Insights Report
  6. 2021 Miami Conference Presentation
  7. Executive Board Transition
  8. Open Floor Discussion