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Theme: Africa’s Sustainable Development

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2019

Overview: The ongoing debate on post-aid Africa and the growing call on world trade institutions to promulgate fair international trade regulations informed our decision to focus this years’ conference on scholarly discussion on how increased international trade, and more broadly business in general, can trigger the sustainable development of Africa. We situate this topic in the broader debate on sustainable development, poverty alleviation and the need for inclusive trade and FDI over aid, especially as it pertains to intra-African trade and investment. We seek to contribute to the sustainability discourse by bringing in internationalizing African firms, foreign multinationals, developmental agencies like the World Bank and Africa’s regional economic blocs to chart new approaches to Africa’s sustainable development. We also engage with firm-level discourses to interrogate how African and foreign multinationals can remain sustainable, while proactively engaging in business that seeks to align with the continent’s sustainable development goals.

There’s perhaps no better place on the continent to begin this new conversation on Africa’s sustainable economic development than Ghana, a pioneer in Africa’s emancipation fights. Leaders in Ghana have taken a bold step to initiate debates on how Africa can sustain its economic development and growth without foreign aid, and it is refreshing that scholarly discussion on this topic is going to be held in Ghana. Our 2019 conference will bring together scholars, students, policy makers, development agencies and business executives committed to Africa’s sustainable development.