AIB Canada 2023 Chapter Conference

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Registration Deadline: 10 November 2023

Theme: Chalking the Walk: Redesigning International Business Policy for New Global Realities

Point of Contact: Ari Van Assche (

Overview: We are pleased to invite paper submissions for AIB Canada’s 2023 Chapter Conference! Manuscripts can be submitted either to the conference theme track or to the general international business track. The conference will be structured as a combination of competitive paper sessions, academic and practitioner panels, and a joint JIBSJIBP paper development workshop aimed at Ph.D. students and junior scholars.

The question at the core of this year’s conference theme is how policymakers should reshape their international business policies to address society’s most urgent challenges. Multinational enterprises (MNEs) are known to be key movers and shakers in societies, sometimes for the bad and other times for the good. On the dark side, MNE actions have been documented to exacerbate several key concerns that governments grapple with—supply chain obstacles, socio-economic inequality, environmental degradation, and tax base erosion (Bu & Wagner, 2016; Giuliani et al., 2023; Kolk et al., 2018; Nebus, 2019). On the bright side, MNEs’ ability to invest, innovate, and scale provides them with a powerful base for positive change in societies—among others, supporting local innovation ecosystem and boosting employment (Montiel et al., 2021; Van Tulder et al., 2021). Policymakers see it as their task to develop international business policies that encourage MNEs to develop a better future for citizens.

Rising anxieties about climate, health, security, and economic crises combined with growing geopolitical challenges have raised questions about whether today’s international business policies need to be re-evaluated. In other words, how should the international business policy be (re)designed for the new global realities?