AIB Central and Eastern Europe 2024 Chapter Conference

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Extended Submission Deadline: 17 June 2024

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 15 July 2024

Regular Registration Deadline: 29 July 2024

Late Registration Deadline: 24 August 2024

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Theme: Navigating New Realms: Business Collaboration, Digitalization, and Innovation Redefining Success in Uncertain Times

Overview: International business is not just facing new challenges but also navigating new realms in times of uncertainty caused by the post-Covid era, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, or the changing global environment. These global changes redefine firms’ success, and they must adopt a dynamic approach to stay competitive and resilient. Business collaboration, digitalization, and innovation have emerged as transformative forces in it.

Business collaboration now is not limited to traditional partnerships; building networks, global alliances, and cross-industry cooperation are becoming more relevant. Global Value Chains (GVCs) face disruptions at the regional level, creating challenges to seamless collaboration and efficiency. Moreover, the role of the state is appreciated in the uncertain global environment, in parallel with the increasing influence of emerging market multinationals at the global level and in Europe. The interconnected nature of today’s markets, fluctuating currencies, geopolitical uncertainties, and the impact of economic and political decisions on financial markets require a collaborative mindset, strategic foresight, and adaptability in financial decision-making to remain successful.

Digitalization, as a key driver, goes beyond technology adoption; it forms firms’ international strategy and determines international success. Digital enterprises and international entrepreneurs, equipped with data analytics and automation, are better positioned to address the complexities of the global market, ensuring a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving business environment.

In parallel, innovation shapes international business, acting as a catalyst for business transformation and competitiveness. Beyond product development, innovation now requires novel approaches to problem-solving, customer engagement, marketing, and organizational culture. International human resource development, embracing diverse talents, fosters innovation and cultural sensitivity. Corporate governance’s role in sustainable value creation gains importance as firms integrate sustainability into governance frameworks to secure long-term value and trust. Supporting firms’ success in uncertain times and teaching international business in the age of global disruptions demand an innovative approach, preparing students with the skills to navigate uncertainties and embrace change.