AIB Journals Webinar: How COVID is Changing MNEs’ Strategies

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Theme: How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Changing Strategies of Globally Operating MNEs?

Time: March 9, 4pm GMT (View Local Time

Registration Deadline: March 8, 2021


COVID-19 and International Diversification: A New Paradigm for Multinationals
Kaitlyn DeGhetto
Presented by: Kaitlyn DeGhetto, University of Dayton

Exploring the Liability of Origin: Lessons from Smithfield Foods and Meat Processing in the US During COVID-19
Daniel Shapiro, Jing Li, Cai Mitsu Feng
Presented by: Daniel Shapiro, Simon Fraser University

Rethinking Overseas Production: The Case of COVID-19‎ and Negative Externality
Ofra Bazel-Shoham, Amir Shoham
Presented by: Amir Shoham, Temple University

John Mezias, University of Miami
Klaus Meyer, Western University

About This Webinar: As our world continues to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, many regions are facing a severe surge in new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Even initially encouraging vaccine trials and promises of quicker than normal regulatory approvals are tempered by the daunting logistics of distributing vaccines to potentially billions of people worldwide. Contributors to the recent AIB Insights Special Issue on Effects of Coronavirus on International Business will discuss how multinational companies may or may not adjust their global strategies to manage the structural changes created by the health and economic crisis.