AIB Journals Webinar: How Foreign Investors Engage with Developing Economies

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Theme: How do Foreign Investors Engage with the Informal Rules and Norms Present in Many Developing Economies?

Time: 9am New York/EST, 1pm London/GMT, 9pm Beijing/CST

Registration Deadline: April 5, 2021

About This Webinar: In developing countries, foreign investors often face a variety of unfamiliar traditional rules and practices – also known as informal institutions. As they engage with their local business partners and employees, they have to engage with the institutions by adapting to them, by inducing local partners to change theirs, by jointly developing rules and practices acceptable to all partners. In this webinar, we will explore the interplay of foreign businesses and informal aspects of the host society, and its impact on both the foreign businesses and on people in the host society.


An institutional logics approach to liability of foreignness: The case of mining MNEs in Sub-Saharan Africa
Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi, Charles Stevens
Presented by: Charles Stevens, Lehigh University

The impact of multinational enterprises on community informal institutions and rural poverty
Kristin Brandl, Elizabeth Moore, Camille Meyer, Jonathan Doh 
Presented by: Kristin Brandl, University of Victoria

MNC response to superstitious practice in Myanmar IJVs: Understanding contested legitimacy, formal–informal legitimacy thresholds, and institutional disguise
Tim Andrews, Khongphu Nimanandh, Khin Thi Htun, Orapin Santidhirakul 
Presented by: Tim Andrews, Chiang Mai University

Helena Barnard, University of Pretoria
Klaus Meyer, Western University