AIB Journals Webinar: The Role of Global Mobility in Knowledge Transfer

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Theme: How does knowledge travel in multinationals? The role of global mobility

Time: 28 April 2022, 14:00 UTC (View Local Time)

Registration Deadline: 27 April 2022

Overview: Long acknowledged as a key source of competitive advantage, knowledge transfer has always been and will always be critical for MNCs. Please join us at our next JIBS webinar where we will discuss three recent JIBS publications that cast light on how knowledge travels within MNCs. Recognizing that knowledge is embedded in individuals, the three papers focus on the role of global mobility and seek to answer how expatriates, inpatriates, and repatriates contribute to organizational success via intra-MNC knowledge transfer.


Best of both worlds: How embeddedness fit in the host unit and the headquarters improve repatriate knowledge transfer
Fabian Jintae Froese, Sebastian Stoermer, B Sebastian Reiche & Sebastian Klar

The influence of expatriate cultural intelligence on organizational embeddedness and knowledge sharing: The moderating effects of host country context
Sebastian Stoermer, Samuel Davies & Fabian Jintae Froese

How does successive inpatriation contribute to subsidiary capability building and subsidiary evolution? An organizational knowledge creation perspective
Heejin Kim, B. Sebastian Reiche & Anne-Wil Harzing

Fabian Jintae Froese, University of Goettingen
Heejin Kim, Tohoku University
Sebastian Reiche, IESE Business School

Dana Minbaeva, King’s College London
Mila Lazarova, Simon Fraser University

About This Webinar Series: The editorial teams behind AIB’s Journal of International Business Studies and Journal of International Business Policy launched this series of webinars to provide global experts a platform to discuss their findings on some of the field’s biggest questions.

Each of these discussions will be focused around a unique line of inquiry, with authors of recently published articles in JIBS, JIBP, and AIB Insights speaking to how their research addresses that core question. Virtual attendees can then interact with our presenters, digging deeper into the issues that interest them most.

The webinar series is being coordinated by Klaus Meyer (Western University) and Dana Minbaeva (Copenhagen Business School), in conjunction with the editorial teams of JIBS, JIBP, and AIB Insights.