AIB Journals Webinar: The Role of MNEs in Fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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Theme: The Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for Multinational Enterprises?

Time: June 15, 4pm New York/EST, 8pm GMT, 10pm Berlin/CET 

Registration Deadline: June 14, 2021


Evidence-based policymaking and the wicked problem of SDG 5 Gender Equality
Lorraine Eden, Fernanda Wagstaff
Presented by: Lorraine Eden, Texas A&M University (Emerita); Fernanda Wagstaff, The University of Texas at El Paso

Corporate uptake of the Sustainable Development Goals: Mere greenwashing or an advent of institutional change?
Addisu Lashitew
Presented by: Addisu Lashitew, Brookings Institution

Business alignment for the “Decade of Action”
Jeffrey Sachs, Lisa Sachs
Presented by: Lisa Sachs, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

Small- and medium-sized enterprises and sustainable development: In the shadows of large lead firms in global value chains
Noemi Sinkovics, Rudolf Sinkovics, Jason Archie-Acheampong
Presented by: Noemi Sinkovics, The University of Auckland

Klaus Meyer, Western University
Rob Van Tulder, RSM Erasmus University

About This Webinar: The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in 2015 by all UN member states and have been embraced by many multinational enterprises (MNEs) and international NGOs. They created a ‘hybrid governance’ platform in which companies, governments, NGOs, and knowledge institutes can work on achieving common goals through targeted action and serve as the leading global sustainable development framework until 2030. By the year 2020, however, progress towards the goals proved slow, prompting the UN to announce a ‘Decade of Action’.

Contributors to the recent Journal of International Business Policy Special Issue, The Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for Multinational Enterprises?, will discuss the roles of MNEs have had in making progress towards the SDGs, what is needed from them in the future, and what the role of international business scholarship can be in shaping discussion and action.