AIB SIG Webinar: Techniques, Tips, and Tools for Hybrid Teaching

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Date & Time: 25 April 2024, 21:30 UTC (View Local Time)

Hosts: AIB Teaching & Education Shared Interest Group

Point of Contact: Amanda Budde-Sung (

Event Recording Access: Current AIB members will be able to access a recording of this event in the “AIB Video Archive” section of our login portal. New webinar recordings are typically posted within five business days of the original event date.

Event Overview: The COVID pandemic dramatically altered the teaching and learning landscape for higher education. Business schools worldwide rushed to pivot to online instruction, a transition which has had lasting impacts on student preferences and expectations in their learning journeys. Students have come to expect a certain degree of online learning, valuing the flexibility, autonomy, and convenience of online modes of delivery. At the same time, students value the instructor contact and peer interaction that the in-person class structure offers. Studies suggest that a hybrid approach, which blends online learning with in-person instruction, is the top choice for many business students. Hybrid modes of instruction are thought to bring about greater engagement in class and make education more accessible and inclusive for students who must juggle different aspects of their lives.  However, despite student preference for hybrid options in their learning, most students remain dissatisfied with the way in which their universities have offered online and/or hybrid forms of education, a result that held significance regardless of age or educational level (Child, Frank, Law, and Sarakatsannis, 2023). In other words, students are asking for hybrid forms of business education, but are thus far not happy with the quality of the hybrid options offered to them.

Designing hybrid business classes requires skills beyond those necessary for fully in-person classes or fully online classes, and many instructors find designing and delivering hybrid business courses to be challenging.  This one-hour webinar will share techniques and insights into effective teaching and course design for a hybrid learning mode. Panelists will discuss strategies for designing business courses for a hybrid mode; tools and approaches that have successfully worked in a hybrid teaching mode; and common pitfalls and things to avoid when teaching in a hybrid format. Panelists will also answer questions from the webinar participants, so please join us, and bring your questions about teaching in a hybrid format!


Tanvi Kothari, San Jose State University, USA
Angela Knox, University of Sydney, Australia
Markus Vodosek, Indiana University, USA
Clarice Secches Kogut, IAG/PUC-Rio School of Business, Brazil


Amanda Budde-Sung, U.S. Air Force Academy, USA