AIB SIG Webinar: Reviewing IB Conference Submissions and Journal Articles

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Date & Time: 25 January 2024, 21:00 UTC (View Local Time)

Hosts: AIB Research Methods Shared Interest Group

Point of Contact: Roberta Aguzzoli  (

Event Recording Access: Current AIB members will be able to access a recording of this event in the “AIB Video Archive” section of our login portal. New webinar recordings are typically posted within five business days of the original event date.

Event Overview: One of the most important tasks for a scholar is to provide feedback to peers by reviewing conference submissions and journal articles. Although guidelines are available, people who are new to reviewing or who seek to refine their reviewing skills may still have questions such as ‘How do you learn how to review? What is the difference between reviewing for a conference versus for a journal? What does a constructive review mean, and how do you write one? What are common mistakes that reviewers make? What are the differences between reviewing a quantitative paper versus a qualitative paper? What can you learn from reviewing that benefits your own work and navigation of the publishing process? What ethical issues can arise during the review process?’

To address these questions and more, AIB and the RM-SIG will be running two reviewing webinars (to cater for as many time zones as possible), during which current/former senior editors and researchers who have won best reviewer awards will provide tips and best practices for reviewing. The webinars are timed to coincide with papers for the AIB annual meeting being sent out for review. They are a great introduction for IB scholars who are new to reviewing, as well as those who want to benefit from the experience of those with considerable knowledge of the publication process.


Lorraine Eden is Professor Emerita of Management and Adjunct Professor of Law at Texas A&M University. She has been editor-in-chief of JIBS, president of the Academy of International Business, dean of the AIB Fellows, and program chair for the AIB Puerto Rico meetings. With 40 years of experience editing scholarly books and journals, she now serves on the Consulting Editors boards of JIBS, JIBP, World Tax Journal, UNCTAD’s Transnational Corporations Journal, and the new JIBS Societal Impact Advisory Committee. Lorraine founded WAIB (Women in AIB) and was the lead author of AIB’s three Codes of Ethics (Journals, Leaders, and Members). She has received the AIB John H. Dunning President’s Award, two JIBS 50th Anniversary Medals for her scholarly and service contributions to the journal, Tribute Scholar at EIBA, and lifetime achievement awards from IFSAM and the AOM International Management Division for societally relevant scholarship and service. Lorraine has multiple publications related to the domain, ethics and methods of IB research including the co-authored books The Ethical Professor and Research Methods in International Business.

 Fiona Moore is Professor of Business Anthropology at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her research on gender and ethnic identity in multinational corporations has been extensively published in academic and popular journals. She has written monographs on German expatriates in London, and comparing Taiwanese expatriates in London and Toronto. She is also the author of the BSFA and World Fantasy Award-shortlisted book Management Lessons from Game of Thrones. She serves on the Editorial Review Boards for JIBS, Management International Review and Critical Perspectives on International Business. She also reviews for BJM, MIR, IBR, JWB, The Canadian Geographer, IHRMJ, JRAI and Foundation SF Journal.

Rebecca Reuber is Professor of Strategic Management and the area coordinator for the Strategy area at the Rotman School at University of Toronto. Her research focuses on the growth strategies of entrepreneurial organizations, including internationalization, opportunity creation and the use of social media. She is Deputy Editor of the Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) and sits on the editorial boards of ETP and JBV. She was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of International Business and as a VP (Administration) on the AIB Executive Board (2019-2022). In 2022 she received an Honorary Doctor of Economics and Business Administration from LUT University (Finland) for her research on international entrepreneurship.  Her work has appeared in JIBS, JWB, AMR, GSJ, SEJ, ETP and JBV among other journals.

Alain Verbeke is a Professor of International Business Strategy and the McCaig Chair in Management at the University of Calgary. He also serves as the Alan M. Rugman Memorial Fellow at the University of Reading.  He is associated with the Solvay Business School (VUB) and has been a Visiting Professor at the Université Catholique de Louvain and an Associate Fellow of Templeton College. He has served two full terms as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International Business Studies, during which time the journal’s citation impact (without self-cites) doubled. Dr. Verbeke’s main contributions to the field of international business strategy include, inter alia:(1) making the critical distinction between location-bound and non-location bound firm-specific advantages of multinational enterprises; (2) the subsidiary specific advantage concept; (3) the bounded reliability concept; (4) the concept of bifurcation bias in family firms; (5) substantial work demonstrating the dominance of regional over global strategies.


Stewart Miller is Professor of International Management in the Department of Marketing & Management at Durham University (UK). His research interests include international strategy, liability of foreignness, internationalization, corporate social responsibility, executive misconduct, foreign subsidiary performance and research methods.  His articles have appeared in Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Management, Organization Science, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Global Strategy Journal, Management International Review, and International Business Review among others.  Also, he co-authored (with H. Deresky) the textbook, International Management (10th edition). He is Immediate Past President and a Co-Founder of the AIB Research Methods SIG. He is Co-editor for Global Strategy Journal and a Consulting Editor for Journal of International Business Studies.  Currently, he serves on the editorial review boards of Management International Review, Journal of Management Studies, and AIB Insights.