AIB SIG Webinar: Intersections of Sustainability and Diversity Webinar

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Theme: Should international sustainability be more diverse, and diversity more sustainable? An academic-practitioner conversation

Host: Sustainability SIG and Women in the Academy of International Business

Time: 16 February 2022, 16:00 UTC (View Local Time)

Registration Deadline: 15 February 2022

Overview: MNEs and other international organizations often aim to achieve diversity or sustainability targets, and sometimes both. The set of panelists for this webinar collectively address issues at the intersection of sustainability and diversity. Examples include:

The goal of this joint AIB SIG webinar is to bring sustainability and diversity researchers as well as practitioners together to debate, discuss, and share scholarly and practical insights on the connections, disconnection, and synergies of sustainability and diversity.

Format: This panel will adopt a conversational style, with a series of prepared questions to provoke thought about the intersection of sustainability, gender and diversity, followed by opportunities for attendees to ask their own questions.

  • Welcome and Framing
  • Opening words and positional statements from each panelist, in response to title question
  • Planned questions and answers by chairs to panelists
  • Q & A from the audience

About the Participants:

Banu Ozkazanc-Pan is Professor of Practice at the School of Engineering and Academic Director of the IE Brown EMBA program. She is also the Founder and Director of the Venture Capital Inclusion Lab at the Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship. The Lab focuses on understanding and solving funding inequities in the VC industry through data-driven research, education, and advocacy. Banu contributed her expertise to 2021 UNGPs10+ consultation on the gender dimensions of business and human rights, which is intended to inform the work of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights’ UNGPs10+ ‘next decade’ project. She also contributed her expertise to the 2021 gender dimensions of business and human rights project via the Danish Institute for Human Rights.  Her piece on inclusion in the tech industry in The Conversation has over 35k reads. It was chosen as essential reading in relation to sexual harassment and discrimination in tech particularly in regards to the Activation Blizzard lawsuit. Banu is currently a member of CNBC’s Disruptor 50 Advisory Council Member. She recently published her co-authored book, Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Critical Gender Perspective (2021), with Cambridge University Press.

Jennifer Oetzel’s research and teaching focuses on social, economic and environmental sustainability. Specifically, she looks at how companies can reduce business risk by promoting economic, social, and environmental development as well as peace building in countries where they operate. She has won multiple research awards including the “2018 Emerald Literati Award” from Emerald Publishing for “Highly Commended” article, Best Paper Award at the European International Business Association Meeting in Vienna, Austria, 2016, Best Paper Award at the 2015 Academy of Management Meeting, Finalist for Haynes Prize for the Most Promising Scholar at the Academy of International Business Conference (2009), among others. Her overall body of research includes more than 30 articles, book chapters, working papers and a forthcoming book from Cambridge University Press on business adaptation to climate change. Her work has appeared in the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Harvard Business Review, and the Journal of International Business Studies, among other outlets.

The Busara Centre is a leading Behavioral Science organization headquartered in Kenya that believes in a world where evidence-based and context-specific solutions are routinely implemented to address the world’s most pressing problems. They are a research and advisory firm dedicated to advancing and applying Behavioral Science in the pursuit of poverty alleviation. They work with researchers and organizations to solve an array of behavioral challenges that cut across sectors, having built their wealth of experience on projects in financial inclusion, education, agriculture, health, governance and more. The panelist for this webinar manages a portfolio of projects that includes programs related to both sustainable agriculture and gender diversity, among many others.

Webinar Co-Chairs:

Sarah Ku is currently a PhD candidate at Georgia State University. She will be joining Loyola University Chicago as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Sustainable Business Management in Fall 2022. Her research examines sustainability and equity in business, with a particular focus on organizational food waste and circular strategies. She advocates for biomimicry, which is a concept that imitates strategies found in nature to solve human problems. She uses this approach to seek business solutions that work for all stakeholders and not just shareholders. Her dissertation research examines limitations of current business theories to explain the universal phenomenon of organizational food waste. She also utilizes a multiple case study approach to develop grounded theory of stakeholder governance in the context of organizational food waste management. Her overarching research objective is to explore how sustainable strategies can become standard business practice through mindful, equitable, and collaborative cooperations to advance the needs of all stakeholders.

Ha Nguyen is a doctoral candidate at School of Marketing and Communication University of Vaasa. Finland. Her research interests are on MNEs internationalization, cross-national differences subsidiary survival and foreign entry and divestment. He thesis investigates the impact of institutional differences and top managers on foreign divestment. Her research is published in some leading publishers, i.e. PalgraveMacmillan, Routledge, Taylor & Franscis group, and journals, i.e. Journal of Business Research.