AIB-UNCTAD Webinar: Investment in Sustainable Recovery

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AIB-UNCTAD Webinar: Investment in Sustainable Recovery

Theme: Investment in Sustainable Recovery: Empirical Analysis, Lessons Learnt, and a Future Research Agenda

Monday, March 29, 2021
Morning Panel: 10am-11:30am London (View Local Time)
Afternoon Panel: 3pm-4:30pm London (View Local Time)

Registration Deadline: March 26, 2021



As the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts begin worldwide, governments have the opportunity to craft policies that can build back a better and more sustainable economy. What should be priorities in terms of international business policy?  The AIB-UNCTAD joint webinar brings together two panels of leading scholars in the fields of international business, international economics and international development to discuss these issues.

How has the pandemic affected international production networks and what are firms doing to survive and to reconfigure global supply chains, making them more resilient and prepared for future crises? What are the likely strategic responses of multinationals and their plans for the recovery phase? What is the role of FDI – of cross-border investment in international production networks – in supporting economic recovery?

While all types of investment in economic growth and development will be important to reverse income losses and boost employment, the pandemic has increased attention for specific areas of investment: investment in health (for future health system resilience), investment in digital (for economic and supply chain resilience), and investment in renewables (due to an increased realization of what will likely be the next crisis). That means sustainable recovery requires investment not only in productive capacity, but also in infrastructure and social sectors.

What lessons from IB research on FDI and the international operations of firms cut across the international production, infrastructure and services divide? What policy initiatives are needed now to promote and facilitate the mix of investment needed to build back better?

This AIB-UNCTAD Webinar is convened in the overall framework of the World Investment Forum Satellite Events. The academic satellite event will discuss lessons that can be drawn from IB research, knowledge gaps, and a future research and policy analysis agenda relevant for the post-pandemic world.

(11am Geneva, 10am London, 5am New York, 5pm Hong Kong – 90 minutes)


  • Jeremy Clegg, President, Academy of International Business
  • James Zhan, Director, Division of Investment and Enterprise UNCTAD


  • Richard Bolwijn (Moderator), Head of Investment Research, Division on Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD
  • Sarianna Lundan (Panelist), Chair in International Management and Governance, University of Bremen, Sustainable recovery and the energy transition
  • Rob Van Tulder (Panelist), Professor of International Business-Society Management, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, SDGs: the nexus challenge and the search for more resilient international business models – how to steer away from the next crisis?
  • Andres Rodriguez-Pose (Panelist), Professor of Economic Geography, London School of Economics, Leveraging regional development policies to tackle pandemic-induced inequalities
  • Jakob Müllner (Panelist), Associate Professor WU Vienna – Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien, Institute for International Business, Infrastructure investment in sustainable recovery – financial perspectives
  • Shasha Zhao (Discussant), Associate Professor in International Business and Innovation, Surrey University Business School
  • Pavida Pananond (Discussant), Professor of International Business, Thammasat University

(4pm Geneva, 3pm London, 10am New York, 10pm Hong Kong – 90 minutes)


  • Ari Van Assche (Moderator), Full Professor of International Business, HEC Montréal
  • Kunal Sen (Panelist), Director, United Nations Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), A research agenda from a development economics perspective
  • Helena Barnard (Panelist), Professor, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, The blessings of being on the margin: Africa’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Lorraine Eden (Panelist), Professor of Management, Texas A&M University,  Going digital: Navigating economic and social imperatives in a post-pandemic world
  • Ram Mudambi (Panelist), Frank M. Speakman Professor of Strategic Management, Temple University, Global value chains in the post-pandemic world: The roles of connectivity and serendipity
  • Amelia Santos Paulino (Discussant), Chief of Investment Issues Section, Division on Investment and Enterprise, UNCTAD
  • Maria Tereza Fleury (Discussant), Full Professor of International Management, Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV)


  • Jeremy Clegg, President, Academy of International Business
  • James Zhan, Director, Division of Investment and Enterprise UNCTAD