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Theme: Developing IB Research & Education for a New Decade

Submission Deadline: June 15, 2020

Overview: The last decade has been remarkable for the field of international business and the AIBSE chapter. Entering into the new decade, we may want to refresh our thinking about our work as researchers and educators in the area of international business. With some new trends happening in the IB world, such as population and demographic shifting, slower economic growth, speed of innovation etc., we may need to ask: what is the most interesting “yet to be answered” research question within the IB field? What is the biggest challenge still facing the international business community? Will current theories and theoretical frameworks still hold? Can more interdisciplinary research and research practices across disciplines be produced? Will any new research approaches to qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods emerge?

Since this new uncertain environment affects all areas of business, there is no special track devoted to the theme, rather we encourage submissions in their respective tracks that directly address conducting international business in the new environment. This year’s conference takes place in Panama City Beach, FL, in cooperation with Florida State University. Panama City Beach has a long tradition in retail, health care, and tourism. It has the world’s most beautiful, sugar sandy beaches, which makes it one of the most famous tourist attractions in Florida, an unparalleled vacation destination.