AIB US-Southeast 2021 Online Chapter Conference

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Theme: Global Business Environment: Managing Risk and Resilience

Registration Deadline: October 19, 2021, 12pm EST

Submission Deadline: July 9, 2021

Overview: AIB-SE is excited to announce its 2021 annual conference with the theme: Global Business Environment: Managing Risk and Resilience. The last year has been extraordinary and one of its kind in the field of international business and the AIB-SE chapter.

The pandemic, which has been classified as a black swan event (an event that has almost zero likelihood of occurring, but if it does, can have catastrophic results), showed us the limits of our ability to anticipate and prepare for such events. The outbreak has shaken the global economy and disrupted value chains. Across the globe, wildfires, hurricanes/cyclones, and protests have coincided with the pandemic.

Historic “shock-doctrine” reminds us that massive disruptions also accelerate the implementation of supply chain and international business transformation strategies. Organizations that have risk mitigation plans in place can better react to disruption, have a stronger chance of surviving and can even thrive by having more responsive and resilient strategies than the competition.

Resilience to unforeseen events should be a core competency and a business differentiator. But what makes a global company resilient? What are the characteristics of a resilient global company? This is the focus of our 2021 conference.