RM-SIG Webinar: Writing a Qualitative PhD dissertation: Insights from the Winner of the 2022 Buckley and Casson AIB Best Dissertation Award

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Theme: Writing a Qualitative PhD dissertation: Insights from the Winner of the 2022 Buckley and Casson AIB Best Dissertation Award

Hosts:  AIB Research Methods SIG

Time: 6 October 2022, 15:00 UTC (View Local Time)

Registration Deadline: 5 October 2022

Event Recording Access: Current AIB members will be able to access a recording of this event in the “AIB Video Archive” section of our login portal. New webinar recordings are typically posted within five business days of the original event date.

Overview: Hear from Katherine Tatarinov, this year’s AIB best dissertation award winner, in conversation with Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos. They will discuss how she crafted her award-winning research project and dissertation. They will cover topics such as how Katherine

  •      decided on her research methodology,
  •      selected resources to guide and justify her methodological choices
  •      went about her fieldwork and data analysis, overcoming challenges along the way
  •      approached the processes of writing up and publishing from her dissertation
  •      obtained and used advice and guidance along the way

The audience will have the opportunity to pose follow-up questions to Hanna and Katherine.


Katherine Tatarinov is Postdoctoral Scholar and Research Director of the Center for Innovation & Partnerships at the Geneva School of Economics and Management, University of Geneva. Her research focuses on social innovation, digital transformation and managing the grand challenges. Katherine lectures at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) and is the Managing Director of the Geneva Innovation Movement Association, where she translates her research findings into applicable insights and community building.

Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos is an Associate Professor in International Management and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. She currently serves as a Director of Postgraduate Research Studies at the Centre for International Business, University of Leeds (CIBUL) and the Nordic Research School of International Business (NORD-IB) representative for the University of Leeds. Hanna received her PhD from the University of Leeds, funded by the European Union’s Phare ACE Scholarships Programme. Her research focuses on a conceptualisation of cultural difference and in particular the human processes and emotions in intercultural interaction and communication as well as qualitative research methods. She published her work in top international journals and she received the 2018 Emerging Markets Inspiration Conference Distinguished Scholar Award from the Stockholm Business School. She previously worked in the European Commission in Directorate General for Research in Brussels and she was an independent expert evaluator on a number of framework programmes in the European Commission.



Catherine Welch is Chair  of Strategic Management at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. She was previously at the University of Sydney, Australia. She has also been Distinguished Visiting Professor at Aalto University, Finland (2019-2022). She has a track record of launching new disciplinary conversations and advocating methodological and theoretical pluralism. Catherine’s research has concentrated on two areas: qualitative research methodology and process approaches to studying firm internationalization. Her work has appeared in leading journals in international business and management, including the full range of major international business journals.  She was the first author on a paper which won the 2021 Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS) Decade Award. Catherine is the current Book Review Editor of JIBS and is a member of the journal’s Research Methods Advisory Committee 2023-2025. She is Vice-President, Communications, and Newsletter Editor for the Academy of International Business (AIB) Research Methods Shared Interest Group (RM-SIG), of which she was a founding member.   From 2022-2025 she will serve on the AIB’s board as Vice President Programs. She also serves on the AIB’s Buckley and Casson AIB Dissertation Award Committee.