SIG Hybrid Event: Digital Globalization Research Summit

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Extended Registration Deadline: 19 February 2024 (Previously 15 February)

Program Chair: Charles Dhanaraj, Georgia State University

Overview: While digital technologies create new opportunities for connecting, local communities are still important means of inspiration and support for the scholarly community.  Signaling this duality of our networks, AIB’s Digitalization Shared Interest Group (DIG-SIG) is organizing a simulcast with scholars meeting in local communities and connecting digitally across the globe. At each location, there is an opportunity to meet with a community of scholars in-person, and for a specific period, connect digitally with the global community.

The goal of the global summit is to introduce you to dispersed scholar communities across the globe, and also hear from inspiring scholars who are connecting the digital and global arenas to explore new horizons of IB research.  The summit is organized in two time zones (Channel A and B), both on Wednesday, February 21, 2024. Each channel will have a panel of distinguished scholars and a Presidential chief guest. And each location has a Local Chair representing the DIG-SIG who will host the event.