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Given the intensification and spread of COVID-19, we will regretfully have to cancel the May 2020 event. We are exploring alternatives and will keep you updated about developments.

International Business, Development, and the Policy Environment in
Sub-Saharan Africa

Submission Deadline: March 20, 2020 (Extended from February 29)

Overview: Much more needs to be done to document and theorize the complex interplay of international business and policy in the African context. Sponsored by AIB and the Journal of International Business Policy, this symposium seeks to bring together and develop thought leaders in the area.

As the “African Century” heads into the 2020s, international business (IB) executives must develop a new perspective and forge new partnerships with government agency and civil society organization leaders to assure investment project survival and success and contribute to broader economic development in countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Those partnerships include executives able to calculate the financial and social returns on investments benefitting economic growth and poverty alleviation.  They include politicians able to make credible commitments to maintaining the stability in the investment policy environment.  They include leaders in non-governmental organizations able to mediate between IB executives and politicians often at odds over investment project priorities.  No single leader can assure business success and broader economic benefit in Sub-Sahara African countries. We need cross-sector perspectives and partnerships.

Registration: All registrations for this event must be completed on the host institution’s website by April 22, 2020. Because this event is sponsored but not hosted by AIB, an active AIB membership is not required to attend.