Webinar: China’s Ascendancy and the Strained Relationship Between the US and China

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Organizer: AIB Asia-Pacific Chapter & Nottingham University Business School China

Theme: China’s Ascendancy and the Strained Relationship Between the US and China: Calculating the Value of Continued Future Cooperation

Time: December 1, 9pm New York, December 2, 10am Beijing

Overview: Just two countries, China and the US comprise 40% of world GDP and 23% of its population, making their bilateral commercial relationship by far the most important in the world, and the strain between them especially unfortunate. Differing perspectives about intellectual property, the role of government, and technology transfer should not obscure the fact that both nations have benefited substantially from their trade and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) flows. Unfortunately, psychosomatic defensiveness in the US and a more muscular tone in China, still smarting from grievances that date back 178 years, have dominated their political dialogue. But the basic underpinnings of cooperation and mutual benefit remain valid.

Much of the speech will be focused on estimates of the two nations’ mutual dependence, in terms of the numbers of jobs and money flows involved in the US-China relationship. But the speech will also address related issues such as the competitiveness of manufacturing, the value of the RMB (Yuan), and the dangers of overplaying the nationalism and protectionism cards.


  • Farok J. Contractor, Distinguished Professor of Management and Global Business, Rutgers University


  • Professor Martin Lockett, Dean, Nottingham University Business School China, University of Nottingham Ningbo China
  • Professor Changqi Wu, Dean, Shandong University School of Management; Former Chair of AIB China Chapter
  • Mr Donald A. Purdy, Jr., Chief Security Officer, Huawei Technologies (USA)
  • Dr Lei Li, AIB Asia-Pacific Chapter-Country Director for China (Mainland), University of Nottingham Ningbo China