Panels: July 6

Time (UTC/GMT)Local TimePanel
6:00 amLocal Time

Title: Making Time Explicit in IB Theorizing and Research Practice

Chair(s): Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki, Eriikka Paavilainen-Mäntymäki

Panelists: Peter Liesch, Elizabeth Rose, Ulf Andersson

7:00 amLocal Time

Title: How to Improve and Understand the Review Process and Write Powerful Constructive Reviews

Chair(s): Ilya Cuypers

Panelists: Bo Nielsen, Rebecca Piekkari, Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Geoffrey Wood

8:00 amLocal Time

Title: Is “Business Model” the Missing Link in Internationalization Theory?

Chair(s): Antonio Majocchi

Panelists: Jean-Francois Hennart, Olli Kuivalainen, Claudio Giacchetti

12:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Opening Plenary: Understanding How Crossing Borders Changes Business: Translation as a Multilevel and Multidisciplinary Approach

Chair(s): Rebecca Piekkari

Panelists: John Van Maanen, Eleanor Westney, Udo Zander, Kerstin Sahlin

1:00 pmLocal Time

Title: JIBP Showcase: Adding Value through Policy-Oriented International Business Research

Chair(s): Ari Van Assche, Sarianna Lundan

Panelists: Roger Strange, Shameen Prashantham, Elizabeth Moore

1:00 pmLocal Time

Title: A Decade in Review: The X-Culture Project

Chair(s): Karen Lynden

Panelists: Alexander Assouad, Leilani Baumanis, Fred Newa, Cristina Robledo-Ardila, Daniel Rottig, Ernesto Tavoletti

2:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Climate Change and Emerging Markets: An IB Perspective

Chair(s): Maoliang Bu, Sanjay Patnaik

Panelists: Michael Nippa, Alain Verbeke

2:00 pmLocal Time

Title: How Social Unrest and Global Crises are Impacting MNEs: Rethinking Business as Usual in Uncertain Times

Chair(s): Caroline Witte

Panelists: Christopher Hartwell, Jennifer Oetzel, Paul Vaaler, Ari Van Assche

3:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Scale-Ups and Scaling in an International Business Context

Chair(s): Esther Tippmann, Sinead Monaghan

Panelists: Tina Claudia Ambos, Jean-Francois Hennart, Erkko Autio, Nicole Coviello

4:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Behind the Scenes in Academia: Hidden Stories of the Women AIB Fellows

Chair(s): Lorraine Eden

Panelists: Nancy Adler, Tatiana Kostova, Maria Tereza Fleury, Mary Ann von Glinow, Eleanor Westney, Mira Wilkins

4:00 pmLocal Time

Title: World Investment Report 2020: International Production Beyond the Pandemic

Chair(s): James Zhan

Panelists: Gary Gereffi, Taffere Tesfachew, Rob van Tulder, Amelia U. Santos-Paulino

5:00 pmLocal Time

Title: A Holistic View of Global Value Chains

Chair(s): Vittoria Scalera

Panelists: Gary Gereffi, Grazia Santangelo, Ricardo Crescenzi

5:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Reflections on Geert Hofstede’s legacy

Chair(s): Sjoerd Beugelsdijk, Rosalie Tung

Panelists: Mark Peterson, Tony Fang, Jeremy Clegg

10:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Improving the Transparency of Your Research: What It Means for You and Why You Should Care

Chair(s): Agnieszka Chidlow

Panelists: Denis Arnold, Klaus Meyer, Bob Vandenberg, Larry Williams, Catherine Welch

11:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Developing Intercultural Competence in Today’s World: Its Importance and Latest Developments

Chair(s): Betina Szkudlarek, Dan Caprar

Panelists: Allan Bird, Paula Caligiuri, Martha Maznevski, Jaime Bonache

Panels: July 7

Time (UTC/GMT)Local TimePanel
12:00 amLocal Time

Title: Pedagogy and the Coronavirus

Chair(s): Gary Knight

Panelists: Daria Panina, Tamer Cavusgil

1:00 amLocal Time

Title: Behind the Scenes in Academia: Hidden Stories of the Women AIB Fellows – II

Chair(s): Rosalie Tung

Panelists: Anne Tsui, Cristina Gibson, Paule Caliguiri, Mary Yoko Brannen, Nakiye Boyacigiller, Sri Zaheer

1:00 amLocal Time

Title: Crossing Borders through AIB Chapters: Establishing, Growing and Developing Regional Chapter Organizations to Build a Global AIB Network

Chair(s): Daniel Rottig, Sumit Kundu

Panelists: Sergio Garcia Agreda, Immanuel Azaad Moonesar, Lukasz Puslecki, S. Raghunath, Jorge Manoel Teixeira Carneiro, Virginia Cathro

6:00 amLocal Time

Title: Behind the Scenes in Academia: Hidden Stories of the Women AIB Fellows – III

Chair(s): Dana Minbaeva

Panelists: Ruth Aguilera, Anne-Wil Harzing, Sarianna Lundan, Rebecca Piekkari, Elizabeth Rose

7:00 amLocal Time

Title: Integrating Sustainability Education in an IB Curriculum

Chair(s): John Dilyard

Panelists: Sandra Alday, Tiina Ritvala, Derek Lehmberg, Maoliang Bu

8:00 amLocal Time

Title: In the Age of the Smart(er) Machine? Language Technologies, Translation, and Global Communication Practices

Chair(s): Rebecca Piekkari, Alicia Clegg

Panelists: Richard Brecht, Mary Nurminen

12:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Global Value Chains: How Crossing Borders Changes Business

Chair(s): Tomas Hult

Panelists: Peter Buckley, Ari Van Assche, Hafiz Mirza, Peter Liesch, Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Sarianna Lundan

12:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Digital Entrepreneurship from Born Digital Firms: New Opportunities and Challenges

Chair(s): Maria Luiza Carvalho de Aguillar Pinho

Panelists: Tamer Cavusgil, Jingting Li, Antonella Zucchella, Clarice Kogut

1:00 pmLocal Time

Title: New Venture Internationalization via MNE Ecosystems

Chair(s): Shameen Prashantham

Panelists: Shaker Zahra, Felipe Monteiro, Peter Buckley

1:00 pmLocal Time

Title: AIB 2020 Buckley & Casson Dissertation Award

Chair(s): David Reeb

Finalists: Guus Hendriks, Patricia Klopf, Chang Liu, Noman Shaheer

2:00 pmLocal Time

Title: MNE Nonmarket Strategy in Turbulent Times: Exploring Competitiveness and Sustainability through Corporate Political Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility

Chair(s): Tazeeb Rajwani

Panelists: Jonathan Doh, Thomas Lawton, Chang Hoon Oh, Pei Sun, George White

2:00 pmLocal Time

Title: World Investment Report @30: investment and Sustainable Development

Chair(s): James Zhan

Panelists: Peter Buckley, Lorraine Eden, Karl Sauvant

3:00 pmLocal Time

Title: JIBS Decade Award

Chair(s): Alain Verbeke

Panelists: Martha Maznevski, Piers Steel, Guenter Stahl, Dana Minbaeva, Josefine van Zanten, Jeremy Clegg, Nicholas Philipson

3:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Geopolitics, Tech Cold War, and IB Research

Chair(s): Tony Fang, Rosalie Tung

Panelists: Olga Petricevic, Jeremy Clegg

4:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Translating Translation Across Borders, Languages and Disciplines

Chair(s): Rebecca Piekkari

Panelists: Eleanor Westney, Martyna Anna Sliwa, Gabriela Gutierrez-Huerter O, Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow, Lisa Evans, Kaisa Koskinen, Kjell Arne Rövik

5:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Is the Field of International Business Ripe for Systematic Literature Reviews?

Chair(s): Olga Petricevic, Alain Verbeke

Panelists: Jonathan Doh, Zahra Premji, Denise Rousseau, Torben Pedersen, Sharon Alvarez

5:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Gender in International Business Research: A Toolbox Primer

Chair(s): Amanda Budde-Sung, Amir Shoham

Panelists: William Newburry, Rosalie Tung, Stacey Fitzsimmons, Fabian Jintae Froese, Alex Berman

10:00 pmLocal Time

Title: From “Bring In” to “Go Global”: Learning and Innovation of Chinese Firms along the Path of Inward and Outward Internationalization

Chair(s): Shenxue Li, Marjorie Lyles

Panelists: Eric Tsang, Jacky Hong, Fang Lee Cooke

10:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Local yet Global: Bringing the World to an International Business Class

Chair(s): Raghu Kurthakoti

Panelists: Jing Betty Feng, Annette Halpin, Hyejin Cho

11:00 pmLocal Time ………..

Title: De-globalization, Slowbalization, and Regionalization

Chair(s): Curba Lampert, Minyoung Kim

Panelists: Alain Verbeke, Sharon Alvarez, Francisco Polidoro Jr.

Panels: July 8

Time (UTC/GMT)Local TimePanel
12:00 amLocal Time

Title: International Business and the Digital Economy: Research Agendas for the JIBS Special Issue

Chair(s): Klaus Meyer

Panelists: JT Li, Satish Nambisan, Bryan Rui-jer Jean

12:00 amLocal Time

Title: The Future of Transaction Cost Theory in International Business Research

Chair(s): Ilya Cuypers

Panelists: Tailan Chi, Joseph Clougherty, Jean-Francois Hennart, Steve Tallman

1:00 amLocal Time

Title: Behind the Scenes in Academia: Hidden Stories of the Women AIB Fellows – IV

Chair(s): Becky Reuber

Panelists: Lilac Nachum, Patricia McDougal-Covin, Marjorie Lyles, Stefanie Lenway, Nicole Coviello

7:00 amLocal Time

Title: Teaching International Business through Feature Films, Documentaries, and Video Case Studies

Chair(s): Hinrich Voss

Panelists: Katarzyna Dagmara Mroczek-Dabrowska, Aleksandra Kania, Filip De Beule, Andreja Jaklic, Nukhet Vardar

8:00 amLocal Time

Title: The Role of International Marketing in Encouraging Responsible Production and Consumption

Chair(s): John Dilyard

Panelists: Rudolf Sinkovics, Sarah Ku, Gauri Joshi, Constantinos Leonidou

12:00 pmLocal Time

Title: How Crossing Borders Changes Corporate Governance

Chair(s): Luiz Ricardo Kabbach de Castro, Ruth Aguilera

Panelists: Rafel Crespi-Cladera, Wei Shi, Eduardo Schiehll, Meghana Ayyagari

12:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Measuring Globalization: IB Research and the DHL Global Connectedness Index

Chair(s): Sinziana Dorobantu, Steven Altman

Panelists: Marcelo Bucheli, Farok Contractor, Thomas Lindner, Michael Witt

1:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Keep Calm and Carry on?: International Business in Times of Turbulence

Chair(s): Pavida Pananond

Panelists: Gary Gereffi, Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Ana Tavares Lehmann, Geoffrey Jones

1:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Teaching IB in the COVID-19 Era

Chair(s): William Newburry

Panelists: John Branch, Joanna Scott-Kennel, David Wernick

2:00 pmLocal Time

Title: A Closer Look at Global Collaborations for Innovation: Individuals, Diversity and Connectivity

Chair(s): Vittoria Scalera, Alessandra Perri

Panelists: Andreas Schotter, Ram Mudambi, Elisa Giuliani, Anupama Phene, Dana Minbaeva

2:00 pmLocal Time

Title: UNCTAD-AIB Award Session

Chair(s): James Zhan, Jeremy Clegg

Panelists: Robert Moore, Yamlakshira Getachew, Cindy Wilhelm, Guus Hendriks, Yuanyuan Li

3:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Internationalization of State-Owned Firms: Do Governments Help or Hinder?

Chair(s): Cheng Li

Panelists: Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Anna Grosman, William Megginson, Klaus Meyer, Yair Aharoni

4:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Crossing Borders: The Migrant Entrepreneur in International Business

Chair(s): Nila Wiese, Gary Knight

Panelists: Tanvi Kothari, Maria Elo, Michael Czinkota, Nancy Matos

5:00 pmLocal Time

Title: Emerging Market MNEs – What is Left of the OLI Paradigm? (GSJ Debate Panel)

Chair(s): Ram Mudambi

Panelists: Alain Verbeke, Catherine Magelsson, Rajshree Agarwal, Ezequiel Hernandez

5:00 pmLocal Time

Title: COVID-19: How IB Can Help with the Economic and Social Recovery

Chair(s): Sarianna Lundan, Ari Van Assche

Panelists: Peter Buckley, Rajneesh Narula, Gary Gereffi, Steve Kobrin