Fast Facts

  • Each of these special, in-person sessions is hosted by a different AIB Fellow and focused on a specific IB topic.
  • These 45-minute roundtable discussions are an opportunity to exchange ideas with one of our leading scholars, as well as your fellow AIB members, on a topic of mutual interest.
  • AIB 2022 In-Person Conference Registration is required to participate in these free Cafés, but no further sign-ups are required—all conference attendees are welcome to drop in.

Fellows Café Schedule

DateTimeRoomHost Fellow(s)Topic
7 July8:00 amRoom info
coming soon
Robert Grosse
Chuck Kwok
Trends in and the Future of IB Education
7 July8:00 am Shaker ZahraPromoting International Entrepreneurship Research From Emerging Economies
7 July8:00 am Sri Zaheer
Paul Vaaler
Doing Impactful Research in IB
7 July8:00 am Lilac Nachum
Saul Estrin
The GVC-Based Economic Development Model on Trial: Firms’ Upgrading via Global Integration in Africa
7 July8:00 am Sea-Jin ChangMultinational subsidiary management: New topics and new methodology
8 July8:00 am Tamer CavusgilMegaprojects and BOT: Neglected Topics in IB
8 July8:00 am Mike Peng
Klaus Meyer
Institutions and Sanctions
8 July8:00 am George YipHow to Write Articles for Practitioner Journals such as CMR, HBR and SMR
8 July8:00 am Bodo SchlegelmilchCorporate Activism: When Principles Trump Business
8 July8:00 am Igor Filatotchev
Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra
Bringing Context into International Business Research and Teaching: How do We Go Beyond Country-Level Institutions?
8 July8:00 am Torben PedersenResilience in Global Value Chains
9 July8:00 am Klaus MeyerHow can/should MNEs Disengage from Politically Sensitive Contexts?
9 July8:00 am Eric TsangWriting Conceptual Papers in IB and Beyond
9 July8:00 am Dana MinbaevaInformal Institutions
9 July8:00 am Shaker Zahra
Lilac Nachum
Promoting Research On and From the MENA Region
9 July8:00 am Grazia Santangelo
Anupama Phene
Knowledge sourcing by the multinational enterprise