Fast Facts

  • Each of these special, in-person sessions is hosted by a different AIB Fellow and focused on a specific IB topic.
  • These 75-minute roundtable discussions are an opportunity to exchange ideas with one of our leading scholars, as well as your fellow AIB members, on a topic of mutual interest.
  • AIB 2023 Conference Registration is required to participate in these free Cafés, but no further sign-ups are required—all conference attendees are welcome to drop in.

Fellows Café Schedule

DateTime (CEST)SessionHost Fellow(s)TopicRoom
7 July09:00-10:151.1.19Allan Bird, Northeastern University
Elizabeth Rose, IIM Udaipur
Challenges in Assessing Intercultural Competence207
7 July09:00-10:151.1.20Lilac Nachum, City University New York
Saul Estrin, London School of Economics
GVC Participation as a Venue for Firms’ Global Integration? Learning and Export Performance of Emerging Market Firms205
7 July10:45-12:001.2.19Shaker Zahra, University of Minnesota
Yadong Luo, University of Miami
Industry 4.0 and IB Research207
7 July10:45-12:001.2.20Sumit Kundu, Florida International UniversityInternational Partnerships – What it Means for Student and Faculty Success205
7 July14:30-15:451.4.19Ajai Gaur, Rutgers University
Klaus Meyer, Ivey Business School
War, Sanctions, and Other Global Disruptions and Multinational Corporations207
7 July14:30-15:451.4.20Chris Pitelis, Leeds UniversityStrategic Theory of the MNE and Sustainability205
7 July14:30-15:451.4.21Attila Yaprak, Wayne State University
Saeed Samiee, The University of Tulsa
Social Psychology of Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior151
8 July09:00-10:152.1.19Becky Reuber, University of TorontoUsing Qualitative Methods to Study New-to-the-Literature Phenomena207
8 July09:00-10:152.1.20Jonathan Doh, Villanova University
Lorraine Eden, Texas A&M University
Srilata Zaheer, University of Minnesota
How can IB Scholarship have Societal Impact?205
8 July10:45-12:002.2.19Shaker Zahra, University of Minnesota
Paul M. Vaaler, University of Minnesota
Regaining the Currency of Organization Theory in IB Research207
8 July10:45-12:002.2.20Adamantios Diamantopoulos, University of ViennaThe “Dark Side” of Moderation Analysis: Some Food for Thought205
8 July14:30-15:452.4.19Timothy M. Devinney, University of ManchesterWhy You are Doing ‘Science’ All Wrong and What to Do About It207
8 July14:30-15:452.4.20Lilac Nachum, City University New YorkReputation Building by ‘Invisible Firms’: Collective Reputation and Firms’ Global Competitiveness205
8 July14:30-15:452.4.21Torben Pedersen, Copenhagen Business SchoolHow to Build More Resilient Value Chains151
8 July16:15-17:302.5.19Nicole Coviello, Wilfrid Laurier University
Saeed Samiee, The University of Tulsa
Digitalization and International Business207
8 July16:15-17:302.5.20Igor Filatotchev, Kings College London
Roger Strange, University of Sussex
Corporate Governance, Finance and Global Strategy205
8 July16:15-17:302.5.21Ravi Ramamurti, Northeastern UniversityReverse Innovation: A Decade Later151
9 July09:00-10:153.1.19Igor Filatotchev, Kings College London
Keith Brouthers, King’s College London
The Diffusion of AI Adoption in the Context of Global Businesses: New Opportunities and Challenges for IB Researchers207
9 July09:00-10:153.1.20Klaus Meyer, Ivey Business SchoolMotion for Discussion: The Ethics of Investing are Different Than the Ethics of Divesting205
9 July10:45-12:003.2.19Sea-Jin Chang, National University of SingaporeRevisiting Formal Coordination Mechanisms in Multinational Management207
9 July10:45-12:003.2.20Eric Tsang, University of Texas at DallasThe Use and Misuse of Signaling Theory in Academic Research205
9 July14:30-15:453.4.19Attila Yaprak, Wayne State University
S. Tamer Cavusgil, Georgia State University
MNEs and Responsible Global Business207
9 July .14:30-15:453.4.20Jean-Francois Hennart, Tilburg School of Economics and ManagementWhat Percentage of Internationalization Episodes can be Explained by the Uppsala Internationalization Process Model?205