Fast Facts

What is the Purpose of This Workshop?

Interest in research and publishing on topics pertaining to sustainability has become increasingly prevalent in International Business (IB), particularly over the past few years. Given that much of sustainability research is by nature interdisciplinary and has the great potential to become a core part of the IB research domain, the AIB Sustainability Shared Interest Group (SIG) has organized this in-person paper development workshop (PDW) as part of the pre-conference program at the Academy of International Business Annual Meeting in Seoul.

This workshop aims to support AIB members who are working on sustainability-related topics by providing tailored insights and feedback from editors of four high-ranking IB journals, namely International Business Review, Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Multinational Business Review, and European Journal of International Management.

Who is This Event For?

This PDW aims to benefit AIB members with an interest in sustainability-related research, particularly those who have a draft paper and would like to receive constructive feedback from the four journal editors in terms of paper crafting, theoretical development, and/or methodological soundness.

How Can I Participate in This Workshop?

To be considered for the PDW, we invite authors to submit a full working paper by emailing It is important to use “Sustainability SIG PDW Seoul” in the subject line.

The deadline for the full paper submissions is 20 April 2024 in the author’s time zone.

What Should I do if my Paper is Accepted?

Submitting authors will be notified of the outcomes of the review process by 30 April 2024. Authors with accepted papers will be required to confirm their participation (a maximum of two participating authors per paper) in the PDW by 10 May. If authors fail to confirm their participation, the opportunity to attend the PDW will be offered to someone else.

Please note that the PDW participating author will need to register for the AIB Seoul Conference in order to participate in this in-person Pre-Conference PDW.

How is This Event Structured?

The workshop is half-day and consists of two parts. One part offers participants an opportunity to hear sustainability research and publication insights from each of the journal editors. The other part offers an opportunity for editors and authors to have one-to-one roundtable conversations on their accepted research papers.

Who are the Participating Journal Editors in this Workshop?

Fang Lee Cooke, Co-EiC, International Business Review

International Business Review (IBR) has a long history of publishing papers related to sustainability in international business, including corporate social responsibility, innovation, poverty reduction through FDI and internationalisation, climate change, etc. IBR has published special issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and is keen to promote research that addresses any aspects of the SDGs. We welcome debates and discussions on sustainability issues and explorations of the role of multinational firms and other stakeholders in addressing environmental and social concerns through better governance globally, including global value chains.

Liqun Wei and Han Jiang, Co-EiC and SE, Asia Pacific Journal of Management

Officially affiliated with the Asia Academy of Management (AAOM), Asia Pacific Journal of Management publishes original manuscripts addressing the key management and organizational issues in the Asia Pacific region, including the increasingly important topics related to sustainability. We have published at least one article relating to sustainability in each of the four issues per year recently. Maintaining rigor through strict review processes and high-quality global reviewers, we are the most prominent management journal published about the fastest growing region in the world where the sustainability related issues are more prominent and have been paid more attention. The sustainability related topics we publish cover the major academic disciplines in general management including entrepreneurship, human resource management, international business, organizational behaviour, and strategic management.

Nicole F. Richter, EiC, European Journal of International Management

EJIM is a leading journal with European and global perspectives, devoted to advancing international management research, practice and policy. Papers deal with regional, international or comparative issues affecting management scholars and practitioners. EJIM attempts to understand why and how firms manage the movement of people, information, money and products in the context of differing political, economic, social, ecological, competitive and technological environments. It seeks conceptual, theoretical, methodological, empirical, qualitative and review papers advancing the field of international business and management. Against this background, we are interested in studies that tackle social, environmental, and economic sustainability challenges with an international management focus.

Irina Surdu-Nardella, Co-EiC, Multinational Business Review

The aim of Multinational Business Review (MBR) is to publish high-quality and innovative research on the multinational enterprise (MNE), and its broad impacts on business, environment, and society. The journal particularly encourages papers that are cross-disciplinary in nature, and that address new and important issues in international business, such as the balance between purposeful, more sustainable growth and MNE contribution to economic development. The journal encourages studies which focus on how MNE strategy and investment choices impact on home and host societies, appreciating the role of international business stakeholders as key agents of change and transformation.

Who are the PDW Organizers?

This PDW is designed and organized by the AIB Sustainability Shared Interest Group. This is part of the SIG’s goals to promote research and facilitate knowledge transfer in sustainability in International Business, which leads to societal impact. The primary organizers of this PDW are Sustainability SIG Co-President, Shasha Zhao (University of Surrey, UK) and Vice-President, Marc Oberhauser (ESCP, Madrid).

You can also follow the Sustainability SIG on LinkedIn and via the SIG’s webpage.