Fast Facts

  • Offered for the fourth year, at AIB 2024 Seoul, these in-person, 75-minute Masterclasses offer early-career scholars comprehensive guidance on the International Marketing publication process, from the initial submission to review and revision.
  • Session B builds on the concepts introduced in session A—attendees should plan to participate in both to get the most value out of these Masterclasses.
  • AIB 2024 Conference Registration is required to participate in these Masterclasses, but no further sign-ups are required.

Made possible through the generous contributions of the

Sheth Foundation

Masterclass Schedule

Masterclass A: Publishing in International Marketing: Preparing and Submitting Manuscripts to Academic Journals

Time: 4 July, 13:00-14:15

Session: 1.3.11

Room: Belle-Vue

Facilitator: Kelly Hewett, University of Tennessee

Research and publications in scholarly IB journals are vitally important to an individual’s growth, development, and success in academia. Various philosophical approaches underpin international business (IB) research. A key challenge to researching and writing scholarly work is developing the theoretical dimension of academic research papers. In this master class, I will explain the role of philosophy and theory, and the critical skills involved in identifying and including appropriate theory in research articles. I will also discuss developing novel theoretical contributions in IB research.

Masterclass B: Publishing in International Marketing: Achieving Methodological Excellence in Academic Research

Time: 5 July, 10:45-12:00

Session: 2.2.11

Room: Belle-Vue

Facilitator: Daekwan Kim, Florida State University

Overview: Scholars desire to conduct research and publish resulting works in scholarly journals. The ability to effectively manage the methodological dimension of academic research is key to developing valid findings and generating research impact. This class will highlight fundamental methodological issues in the development of research in international marketing. The facilitator will address best practice in research methodology, and topical challenges that can hinder research success, and how to address them. The session will be interactive, to allow for Q&A and audience interaction.