Fast Facts

  • These 75-minute Special Sessions feature high-level IB practitioners and policymakers in conversation with well-known scholars on a variety of topics. Discussions will touch on the unique challenges and opportunities faced by MNEs based in South Korea.
  • AIB 2024 Conference Registration is required to participate in these sessions, but no further sign-ups are required.

Korean Business Executives Special Sessions Schedule

The Importance of Meaningful and Trustworthy Assessment of English Communication in the International Workplace

Time: 4 July, 09:00-10:15

Session: 1.1.1

Room: Crystal 3

Geon-Cheol Shin, Kyung Hee University
Daekwan Kim, Florida State University

Discussant: Carl Fey, BI Norwegian Business School

Keynote Speaker: Saerhim Oh, ETS

Navigating Global Value Chains: Strategies and Adaptations by Korean Multinationals in the Post-Pandemic Era

Time: 4 July, 10:45-12:00

Session: 1.2.1

Room: Crystal 3

Chair: Jaeyong Song, Seoul National University

Seokmin Park, Corporate VP, Global Operations Team, Samsung Electronics
Seungse Chang, Corporate Senior VP, Chemical Business Management Team, LG Corporation
Joon Choi, Executive VP, Head of Global Growth Strategy, SK Hynix
Carlos Ka, VP, Head of Global Sales Support Sub-Division, Hyundai Motor

World Changer BBQ: A Case of Global Business Innovation

Time: 4 July, 13:00-14:15

Session: 1.3.1

Room: Crystal 3

Geon-Cheol Shin, Kyung Hee University
Gary Knight, Willamette University

Yujin Kim, Sogang University
Hyun-Chae Park, Chonnam National University

Keynote Speaker: Hong-Geun Yoon, Chairman, Genesis BBQ Group

Hansae: Fast Fashion Globalization to Glocalization

Time: 4 July, 14:30-15:45

Session: 1.4.1

Room: Crystal 3

Paul Hong, University of Toledo
Gyoung-Gyu Choi, Dongguk University

Ravi Ramamurti, Northeastern University
Lynn Pyun, Ewha Womans University

Keynote Speaker: Jun K. Chung, Vice President of Strategy and Planning, Hansae

Korea’s Trade Policy: Changes and Tasks

Time: 4 July, 16:15-17:30

Session: 1.5.1

Room: Crystal 3

Yeon Ho Lee, Yonsei University
Robert Grosse, Arizona State University

Jooyoung Kwak, Yonsei University
Daesik Hur, Yonsei University

Keynote Speaker: Byung Nae Yang, Deputy Minister for Trade, Republic of Korea