Fast Facts

  • These in-person, 50-minute Meet the Editors Sessions give conference attendees the opportunity to meet leaders behind various IB journals, learn about common mistakes and pitfalls of publishing, and get their publishing-related questions answered.
  • AIB 2024 Conference Registration is required to participate in these sessions, but no further sign-ups are required.

Meet the Editors Sessions Schedule

Meet the Editors Session 1

Time: 5 July, 08:00-08:50

Session: 2.05.1

Room: Belle-Vue

Participating Journals and Editors:

European Management Journal (ID# 2071)
Stephan Gerschewski, Heriot-Watt University

Multinational Business Review (ID# 2072)
Tazeeb Rajwani, University of Surrey
Irina Surdu, University of Warwick

International Business Review (ID# 2073)
Roger Strange, University of Sussex

Journal of International Marketing (ID# 2074)
Kelly Hewett, University of Tennessee

Meet the Editors Session 2

Time: 6 July, 08:00-08:50

Session: 3.05.1

Room: Belle-Vue

Participating Journals and Editors:

European Journal of International Management (ID# 2075)
Nicole Franziska Richter, University of Southern Denmark

Management and Organization Review (ID# 2076)
Tian Wei, Fudan University

Global Strategy Journal (ID# 2077)
Stewart Miller, Durham University