Fast Facts

  • Offered for the first time at AIB 2024 Seoul, these in-person, 75-minute Sustainability SIG Cafés offer guidance for IB researchers who are currently conducting or planning to conduct sustainability-related research.
  • AIB 2024 Conference Registration is required to participate in these sessions, but no further sign-ups are required.

Sustainability SIG Café Schedule

Sustainability SIG Café 1: Embedding Sustainability in International Business Education: A Research Agenda

Time: 4 July, 10:45-12:00

Session: 1.2.17

Room: Charlotte

Sandra Seno Alday, University of Sydney
Maria Vasileva Ilieva, University of Leeds

Overview: The session begins with interactive discussions on challenges and opportunities to embed sustainability in international business education. The session then introduces opportunities to develop papers for the AIB SIG/ AIB T&E special issue on Preparing Leaders to Tackle Grand Challenges in the Journal of Management Education (JME). Focusing on the aims of the special issue, the short workshop discusses ways to develop an academic journal article for JME in particular but applicable to management education journals in general. The aim is to help ensure that scholars come closer to the goal of publishing their scholarship of teaching and learning work and incorporating sustainability-focused international business education in their research portfolio. Participants are encouraged to bring along draft papers (at any stage of writing) to discuss ways of developing them for submission to the special issue. While the short workshop component is specifically designed to support scholars aiming to submit a paper for consideration in the JME special issue, those who have a general interest in developing their scholarship of IB teaching and learning portfolio are also welcome to attend.

Sustainability SIG Café 2: Sustainability Impact

Time: 5 July, 10:45-12:00

Session: 2.2.17

Room: Charlotte

Hinrich Voss, University of Bristol
Martin Heinberg, University of Leeds

Overview: A recent JIBS editorial defined [societal] impact as “potential effects outside academia, for example, on communities, economies, environments, and other actors.” Building on this idea and utilizing the diverse AIB community, the session will explore social and environment sustainability impact in the IB context along three lines. First, we would like to discuss different institutional set-ups to capture sustainability impact across different countries and understand how this translates into IB research. Second, the discussion of impact in IB is often limited to firms and policy makers, overlooking potential effects on communities, health, the environment, quality of life, etc. We would like to brainstorm with participants how our scope of sustainability impact pathways can be broadened. Finally, the session is a platform to explore if the impact achieved in one research project could be transferable to other contexts/countries. This may be a start of future research projects and collaborations and achieving greater societal impact than originally anticipated. Novices and experts on sustainability and impact are welcome!