Past Events

AIB SIG Webinar: Techniques, Tips, and Tools for Hybrid Teaching


This one-hour webinar will share techniques and insights into effective teaching and course design for a hybrid learning mode. Panelists will discuss strategies for designing business courses for a hybrid mode; tools and approaches that have successfully worked in a hybrid teaching mode; and common pitfalls and things to avoid when teaching in a hybrid format.

AIB SIG Webinar: Social Media Strategy for International Business Scholars


Social media is becoming an increasingly important tool for scholars, providing them with the means to increase visibility, foster engagement with external stakeholders, drive meaningful interactions with audiences, and facilitate impact creation. In this workshop, we will have three speakers sharing their invaluable expertise on how to start, maintain, and further grow your social media profile through their own success stories.

Webinar: Building a Resilient Ukraine in New Geopolitical Realities: Implications for IB Theory and Practice


The current crisis in Ukraine has necessitated a reevaluation of international business strategies, highlighting the need for alignment with principles of international development, creating shared value, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development. This panel aims to explore these challenges, examining the intersection of international business theory and practice in the context of Ukraine's ongoing struggle against Russian aggression.

AIB Chapter Webinar: Publishing Research Based on African Phenomena

We are delighted to announce the next in a series of webinars organized by the Africa Chapter of the Academy of International Business. This webinar will feature two thoughtful academics, both with deep editorial experience pertaining to Africa-related research.

AIB Insights Nairobi Paper Development Workshop

Strathmore University - Nairobi, Kenya

This paper development workshop will enable scholars to gain developmental feedback on ideas and manuscripts that they are considering for submission to AIB Insights. We invite original submissions and ideas from researchers at all levels of experience, and particularly encourage junior scholars and PhD students to attend.

AIB SIG Webinar: Global Scaling Research


The Global Scaling Research Webinar will explore mechanisms of digital business growth and operational scaling across international markets. Speakers will discuss the theoretical aspects of global scaling, highlighting how digitalization fosters rapid growth. They will present insights into the impact of continuous innovation through technologies like AI and blockchain on scaling operations, using cases of successful digital enterprises.

AIB SIG Webinar: AI in Publishing – Trends, Opportunities and Challenges


The goal of this webinar is to analyze the evolving landscape of AI's impact on the roles of authors, reviewers, and editors, focusing on present capabilities and forecasting short-term and long-term possibilities. In particular, our expert panelists will provide detailed insights on a variety of topics, including the ethics of AI use in academic research and publishing, the implications of AI advancements on intellectual property rights, and more.

AIB SIG Webinar: Succeeding in International Business Doctoral Studies


We will discuss what it takes to build a strong foundation for a successful international academic career, particularly in the field of international business. Participants will receive many practical tips on how to successfully navigate their doctoral education from choosing a topic through graduation.

AIB SIG Webinar: Open Research Platforms


This webinar will provide an overview of X-Culture’s research and collaboration principles, as well as guidance on how to request existing data or propose new data collection. Furthermore, the workshop will discuss the challenges and best practices of large-scale open research collaboration – a promising avenue for research development, but one that comes with its own set of challenges and caveats.

Annual Meeting: AIB 2024 Seoul

The Academy of International Business (AIB) holds annual meetings each summer (June-July) in various pre-determined locations around the world. Each conference features a combination of plenaries, panels, and papers. All papers presented at AIB conferences go through a double-blind review process. The abstracts of the presented papers are published as a conference proceedings.

AIB SIG Webinar: Machine Learning in IB Research


When used as a part of a full IB research process, including inductive, deductive and abductive steps, machine learning can offer explanatory insights and provide a solid basis for theorization. In this online workshop, we present a systematic five-step theory-building and theory-testing cycle that consists of element identification, exploratory analysis, hypothesis development, hypothesis testing, and theorization.