AIB US-West 2020 Chapter Conference

San Diego State University

Migration may be closely linked to a variety of issues related to global business, including, but not limited to: labor contributions (or losses and displacements) on a range of skill levels; expansion of markets through increased spending and investment; social and political risk stemming from differing policies on migration; cultural and economic changes that impact markets and organizations; government policies and effects of migration dynamics on innovation and entrepreneurship. A focus on the linkages between migration and international business seems a timely and important contribution the academy can make to the current global business environment.

AIB US-West 2022 Online Chapter Conference


This US-West Chapter Conference is an opportunity to present scholarly work and obtain critical feedback in a professional setting. We encourage the participation of both professors of all ranks and doctoral students. Submissions can range from works-in-progress to complete articles aimed at journal publication. We welcome conceptual, theoretical, and empirical papers.

AIB US West 2023 Chapter Conference

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Las Vegas, United StatesNV

This AIB chapter conference seeks to enhance knowledge development of international business matters. In addition to the main theme, the conference will feature various tracks for competitive sessions and panels, keynote speakers from academia and business, a paper development workshop, pedagogical sessions, and networking opportunities.