WAIB Webinar: Managing Gender Equity and Equality Across Borders


Although international HRM and IB research has focused strongly on comparative research and questions of understanding global versus contextual requirements, it has been criticized for marginalizing issues of gender. In this webinar, we will discuss reasons for this neglect and possible solutions to facilitate a research agenda on how to effectively manage gender equity and equality across different contexts.

AIB Journals Webinar: Multiculturals and Multiculturalism


Are there particular circumstances under which the unique skills and competencies of multiculturals can contribute to better performance or even become a source of competitive advantage? This webinar will engage with the ways in which such knowledge is vital to understanding the contexts in which diversity, and in particular multicultural individuals, can facilitate MNE performance.

AIB SIG Webinar: Intersections of Sustainability and Diversity Webinar


Among the major actors working in the sustainable development research and education space are the Sustainability Shared Interest Group and Women in the Academy of International Business, as well as the SDG Community of Practice of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The goal of this AIB-sponsored webinar is to bring these actors together to discuss the ways in which their goals and interests are aligned.

Annual Meeting: AIB 2022 Miami

Miami, Florida, USA

The Academy of International Business (AIB) holds annual meetings each summer (June-July) in various pre-determined locations around the world. Each conference features a combination of plenaries, panels, and papers. All papers presented at AIB conferences go through a double-blind review process. The abstracts of the presented papers are published as a conference proceedings.

Burning Issues in IB Webinar: Women’s Empowerment


The Burning Issues in IB Webinar Series is intended to provide thought-provoking discussions for university professors, managers, researchers, and policy-makers on issues of vital interest to Canadians.