WAIB Webinar: Managing Gender Equity and Equality Across Borders


Although international HRM and IB research has focused strongly on comparative research and questions of understanding global versus contextual requirements, it has been criticized for marginalizing issues of gender. In this webinar, we will discuss reasons for this neglect and possible solutions to facilitate a research agenda on how to effectively manage gender equity and equality across different contexts.

AIB Journals Webinar: The Role of MNEs in Fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals


In this free webinar, contributors to the recent Journal of International Business Policy Special Issue, The Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for Multinational Enterprises?, will discuss the roles of MNEs have had in making progress towards the SDGs, what is needed from them in the future, and what the role of international business scholarship can be in shaping discussion and action.

Outstanding Talks Webinar: Climate Change in Latin America & the Caribbean

Facebook Live

This panel reports on the main findings of the research project ‘Post-COVID-19 stakeholder recovery: How to rebuild society and business in Latin America to avoid the climate crisis’. The primary purpose of this project was to provide public policy recommendations on measures undertaken by LAC countries to rebuild their economic growth opportunities and enhance the likelihood of decent work opportunities in post-COVID-19 scenarios with a focus on resilience and adaptation to climate change risks.

Burning Issues in IB Webinar: UN SDG Implementation by Canadian Business


This free webinar series is intended to provide thought-provoking discussions on vital issues related to international business, featuring expert insights from university professors, managers, researchers, and policy-makers. This session will focus on the implementation of the United Nations's Sustainable Development Goals by Canadian businesses.

AIB SIG Webinar: Complementary Actors in the Sustainability Research and Education Space


The goal of this AIB-sponsored webinar is to bring major actors working in the sustainable development research and education space together to discuss the ways in which the goals and interests of these groups are aligned. Speakers will explain the many ways in which their resources can be shared for the common purpose of learning, teaching, and researching sustainability issues.

AIB SIG Webinar: Intersections of Sustainability and Diversity Webinar


Among the major actors working in the sustainable development research and education space are the Sustainability Shared Interest Group and Women in the Academy of International Business, as well as the SDG Community of Practice of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. The goal of this AIB-sponsored webinar is to bring these actors together to discuss the ways in which their goals and interests are aligned.

AIB Sustainability SIG Roundtable: MNEs, SDGs, & Corporate Social Responsibility


The focus of the MNEs, SDGs & CSR (MSC) hub is on theory advancement in sustainable and responsible IB-focused organizations and the relationship between MNEs, global organizations and sustainability. Given the significant development role MNEs have played in economic development and are expected to play in sustainable development, IB scholars have underscored the need for firms to behave ethically, responsibly and sustainably.

AIB UK & Ireland 2023 Chapter Conference

University of Glasgow - Glasgow, United KingdomScotland

In the 49th AIB UK & Ireland Chapter Conference we provide a scholarly platform to interrogate the complex relationship between international business (IB) and society, in particular around Sustainable Development Goal 8. In tradition with previous chapter conferences, we invite general IB papers and contributions which speak to the specific conference theme.