AIB SIG Webinar: Complementary Actors in the Sustainability Research and Education Space


The goal of this AIB-sponsored webinar is to bring major actors working in the sustainable development research and education space together to discuss the ways in which the goals and interests of these groups are aligned. Speakers will explain the many ways in which their resources can be shared for the common purpose of learning, teaching, and researching sustainability issues.

AIB SIG Webinar: Experiential Learning Best Practices & Approaches


The webinar features experienced educators who will discuss experiential learning projects they use in their classrooms and best practices associated with experiential teaching and learning. The webinar will cover variety of experiential learning projects, including COIL, virtual study abroad, virtual study abroad, and examples of in-class projects and experiences that enrich learning of our students.

AIB SIG Webinar: IB Teaching Innovations – Lessons from Outstanding Educators


This webinar will showcase innovative teaching practices within the AIB community with a focus on how to achieve greater impact on students, peers and the wider community. Be inspired by outstanding innovative educators in our community who share tips on how to broaden and deepen your impact as an educator.