About Agnieszka Chidlow

Agnieszka Chidlow is Professor of International Business at the University of Birmingham in the UK and one of the co-founders of the Academy of International Business-Shared Interest Group.

Agnieszka is interested in examining the internationalization processes and location strategies of firms. In addition to that she is also interested in methodological issues with a specific focus on using survey “big” data as well as the application of both responsible qualitative and quantitative methods in the international business scholarship and practice. In her work she not only studies how decision-makers undertake their investment and organizational preferences in different national and international markets at supra-national, national and sub-national levels but also what type of data they use to make such decisions to maximize their returns. By blending theoretical lenses and business models from international business, economic geography, management and strategy fields with computer sciences and data analytics she aims to help and assist businesses, governmental organizations, charities, policy makers and individuals to better understand how to optimize decisions using credible, rigorous and trustworthy data to achieve higher returns and socially responsible outcomes.

Agnieszka’s work has been published in the leading peer reviewed academic outlets such as, for example, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, International Business Review, Management International Review, Journal of International Business Policy. She is a Working Board Member of the Responsible Research in Business and Management network, an assessor for the Accreditation of MBAs, a Senior Editor of International Business Review and a member of numerous editorial boards of nationally and internationally recognised journals. She is recognised as an impact capacity builder and a promoter of innovative knowledge exchange activities promoting responsible and impactful scholarship.

Before joining the University of Birmingham, she held various positions at numerous higher education institutions in Europe, America and Asia.